Movies Based On Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, And Action Man Just Got Financed

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Hasbro has signed a deal with Emmett/Furla Films to produce movies based on Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, and Action Man. So we have parody posters.

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Prometheus 2 To Fuel Countless GammaSquad Posts In 2014 or 2015

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Hey, remember a couple months back when we used to post something about Prometheus pretty much every day? Those were good times. But now the movie's out, the world's moved on and there's nothing more to post about! Or is there? That's right, time to start the Prometheus 2 posts!


The Best and Worst of Ridley Scott

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When you're talking about Ridley Scott movies, and I'm assuming this is right after your home sock puppet show, it becomes immediately apparent that he's a rangy English bastard.

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Review: Prometheus

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I read <a href="" target="_blank">a piece</a> on David Fincher recently where he described a distinction between "films" and "movies.

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A Redshirt is Profiled, the Ship is Detailed and Ridley Scott is Fawned Over in 3 New Prometheus Featurettes


Well, we took a bit of a long weekend here at GammaSquad and wouldn't you know it, a bunch of new Prometheus featurettes went and piled up.


Humpday Mashup Dump


(Click to enlarge.

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Charlize Theron Wields A Flamethrower And Reads 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

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We have one more Prometheus featurette to add to the <a href="">enormous pile</a> from yesterday.

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Getcha Ridley Scott Stuff Here — Info on Sequels to Prometheus and Blade Runner, and Some New Prometheus Videos and Pics!


It seems as though the science fiction bug has latched itself onto Ridley Scott's face and planted its seeds, because the guy is positively bursting with plans to do more sci-fi movies in the near future.

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New Prometheus Clip: Stringer Bells says seatbelts are for bitches

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Because there hadn't been a new Prometheus clip or still in the last few hours and that simply wouldn't do, Ridley Scott released (via his YouTube) this new short clip, "Prometheus has landed.

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God Doesn't Build In Straight Lines In The First Clip From 'Prometheus'


Ridley Scott has released the first clip from <a href="">Prometheus</a>, which opens in just a few more weeks (June 8th).

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'Prometheus' Drops An Extended Featurette And 19 Photos


"Of course what I want to do is scare the living sh-t out of you.


17 new images from Prometheus: Theron Butt, RoboFassbender

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I'm red-green colorblind myself, so this could be a little off-base, but most of the trailers and spots we've seen from Prometheus thus far have seemed mostly grey and steel-colored and desaturated.

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Cameron Diaz replaces Angelina Jolie in Cormac McCarthy's The Counselor

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One of the upcoming projects I'm most excited about is The Counselor, the first original script from No Country For Old Men, etc.

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One More Reason to Be Excited for Prometheus — It's Finally Confirmed to be R-Rated

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Time to breathe a sigh of relief fans of people going splatter in outer space -- it's finally confirmed that Prometheus will be R-rated.

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CONFIRMED: Prometheus will be rated R

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UPDATE: Fox has <a href="" target="_blank">since confirmed</a> that Prometheus will indeed be rated R.

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