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Kenny Chesney Causes More Destruction At Lambeau Field Than The Packers


Something needs to be done about the drunken, brawling menace that is the Kenny Chesney Concert Experience.

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Happy Black History Month from Riley Cooper and the Eagles


Riley Cooper is Mr. February, especially odd since Riley has walked hand in hand with so many civil rights leaders he should be called "Mr. March."

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Michael Vick Is Pissed At Riley Cooper For Not Texting Him Back


Riley Cooper not texting Michael Vick back now that the world moved on from Riley's hate speech.

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White History Month: Riley Cooper


"Strap on youre boat shoes, put on some vinyl and brag about your sexlife with your wife because this is YOUR month!!!"

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Raiders Fans Flipped Off Riley Cooper, Who Has Been Through So, So Much


Raiders fans flipped off Riley Cooper, either because he scored or because he's Riley Cooper.

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2013 KSK NFL Prekkake: Philadelphia Eagles


via Last year: 4-12, last place in NFC East Acquisitions: Connor Barwin, Cary Williams, Kenny Phillips, Lane Johnson, Matt Barkley Departures: Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Darryl Tapp, Jeremy Maclin (injury), Arrelious Benn (injury) Vegas win total over/under: 7 1/2 wins Verdict: OVER Five lessons Riley Cooper got from sensitivity training: - It's not nice to falsely accuse black people of attending Kenny Chesney concerts.

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Racists Anonymous 12 Step Program For Riley Cooper


We all know that the "N-Word" has nothing to do with race since Websters dictionary defines it as (3): a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons, but the NFL media needed one last big outrage to get us through the end of the offseason so its no suprise they jumped all over Riley Cooper.


Riley Cooper Will Jump That Fence And Fight Every [Slur For Taiwanese People] Here

If you haven't been following the Wonka-esque story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every n*gger" at a Kenny Chesney concert, then being extremely sorry and "extremely hurt" (you know, because somebody caught it on video), here's the short version: he gon' get got.

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Taiwanese Animators Tackle Riley Cooper


Inevitable and yet still entertaining.

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