Here Are The Craziest Couch-Burning Riots At West Virginia University, Home Of This Weekend’s College GameDay

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College sports' most notorious pyromaniacs welcome ESPN's 'College Gameday' this weekend.

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Yesterday Wasn’t Exactly All Fun And World Cup Soccer For The People Of Brazil

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Protesters clashed with riot police in cities across Brazil as the 2014 FIFA World Cup got underway yesterday.


Things Got Out Of Hand As Arizona Wildcats Fans Handled Their Team's Loss Poorly

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Like any good sports fans do, Arizona Wildcats fans and students rioted and violently clashed with police after their team lost in the NCAA Tournament.


Dayton's President Celebrated The Flyers' Win By Crowdsurfing, Before The Riot Police Arrived


Dayton President Daniel Curran celebrated the Flyers' upset win over Syracuse by crowdsurfing, right before the riot police showed up to end the party.


Some Red Sox Fans Celebrated The World Series With Childish Joy. Others? Not So Much.

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After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, fans celebrated throughout the city, some a little more dangerously than others.

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'Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Fans Wreck Its Booth For A Free Copy

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Activision had the idea to give away copies of 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts' at Milan Games Week. One guess how that turned out.


The Dude Who Wouldn't Riot Is My New Favorite Person

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The story of a lead actor living in a world of bit players, from the YouTube description: I shot some rioting go down on Muni on McAllister and Larkin (San Francisco, Ca) after the San Francisco Giants won the 2012 MLB World Series.


Massive Riot Breaks Out At Foxconn Factory In China

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When I heard that a riot broke out last night in a Foxconn factory last night in China, I couldn't help but wonder if it was started by the students being forced to work on the iPhone 5 without pay. For now, we don't know, but my money's on them being the spark, and who could blame them?


Who You Callin’ Turkey, Turkey?


No website with a HOCKEY FIGHTS tag has the right to get indignant about another country's hockey fights, but Lord, when your first game ends with two teams banding together to battle riot police you're doing it wrong.


Talented Dogs And Links


A-List Time Travel: Your Favorite Celebrities Re-Imagined in Different Eras |UPROXX| Khal Drogo Was Hammered.

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Who Is To Blame For The Rioting?

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I received some strong feedback from yesterday’s gallery of the rioting in Vancouver in the wake of the Canucks’ Game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Stanley Cup Riot Gallery: The Faces Of Vancouver’s Horrific Sportsmanship

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The story today should be that the Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years.


It’s Your Time To Shine, San Fran

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The San Francisco Giants have ended 56 years of tortured hippie fan tears, as they overcame the tyranny of the Texas Rangers and won the first World Series in the West Coast history of the franchise.


Hockey Writer: Philly Fans Not That Nice

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In one of the less shocking stories in sports history, Philadelphia Flyers fans trashed a car after Philly’s Sunday night thrashing of the Montreal Canadiens, presumably because it had Montreal plates.



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You could probably convince me that sending out armored cops on horseback and in riot gear is any better for a school's image than a couple of bad apples overturning cars or setting couches on fire.



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Well, this was predictable: a soccer game in Congo was interrupted when one team's goalie began practicing witchcraft on the field, yadda yadda, eleven people died.



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"Hooligan gets hemmed up on the field.

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