The Brady Bunch

R.I.P. Ann B. Davis, The Actress Who Played Beloved Housekeeper Alice on ‘The Brady Bunch’

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Ann B. Davis, the actress best known for playing Alice on 'The Brady Bunch', died on Sunday at age 88.

Wrongfully Convicted

RIP Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, 1937-2014

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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was probably more well known for his fight behind bars than any fight he had in the ring, has died today at the age of 76.


RIP, Pervert Dave. (Florida Friday)

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Today's unusual obituary name comes to us from Citrus County, where friends and family say goodbye to 'Pervert Dave.'


Adreian Payne On The Passing Of Lacey Holsworth: ‘My Princess Is Now An Angel’


Michigan State's Adreian Payne released a brief and beautiful statement about the passing of his friend and sister, Lacey Holsworth.


Adreian Payne’s ‘Little Sister’ Princess Lacey Has Passed Away At Age 8

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Eight-year old Lacey Holsworth became a story of inspiration this season, as Michigan State star Adreian Payne even considered her family.


Mickey Rooney, Hollywood Legend, Dead At 93

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Mickey Rooney, whose career spanned more than 90 years, died at this North Hollywood home surrounded by family on Sunday.


GWAR Frontman Dave Brockie, A.K.A. Oderus Urungus, Dead At 50

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Dave Brockie, the founder and lead singer of metal band GWAR, died yesterday according to several people close to the band.


James Rebhorn, The Ultimate 'That Guy' Actor, Dead At 65

By | 21 Comments

The world lost one of its most prolific character actors.


Comedy Legend And ‘Tonight Show’ Favorite David Brenner Has Died At 78

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David Brenner, frequent performer and guest host on Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show,' has died at 78.


RIP Hal Douglas, The Voice Of Movie Trailers

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Legendary movie trailer narrator Hal Douglas passed away last Friday at the age of 89 from complications with pancreatic cancer.

#bill murray

Bill Murray Issued A Short But Sweet Statement On The Passing Of Harold Ramis

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In a brief and beautiful statement, Bill Murray honored his good friend and comedic partner, Harold Ramis.


The Star Of National Geographic’s Reality Show ‘Snake Salvation’ Died Yesterday From A Snake Bite

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Straight out of an episode of last season's 'Justified,' a snake-handling preacher died from a snake bite after refusing treatment.


R.I.P. Colonel Meow, Your Minions Shall Remember You Always

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It was announced today via Facebook that Colonel Meow, one of the world's greatest cats, has passed away. An Internet mourns.


A Man Killed The Lead Singer Of A Black Metal Band Because He ‘Tarnished Satanism’

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After he stabbed the singer of the black metal band Surrender of Divinity 30 times, a man claimed that he did it because his victim wasn't a real satanist.


RIP Mae Young, 1923-2014

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RIP Mae Young, the legendary women's wrestling pioneer who once had a match postponed by Pearl Harbor and wrestled in nine different decades.


Google Has Banned Rap Genius From Appearing In Its Search Results

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You don't want to piss off Google with shady SEO practices. Rap Genius is learning that the hard way.


‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ Star Peter O’Toole Has Died At Age 81

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The legendary actor has passed away at the age of 81 following a long battle with illness.


We Lost Another Hero With The Passing Of The Visionary Behind The Doritos Locos Taco

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In a sad piece of news, Todd Mills, the visionary who helped in creating the Doritos Locos Taco, has passed away after long battle with brain cancer.


R.I.P. Elwood, The 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog

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It was announced this weekend that Elwood, the 2007 World's Ugliest Dog and star of the book 'Everyone Loves Elwood,' has moved on to the farm in the sky.


As Of December 20, Winamp Will Be No More

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In a message on the Winamp website, the company announced that as of December 20, users will no longer be able to download new versions of the MP3 player.

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