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Are You Prepared For Walt Jr. To Go From ‘Breaking Bad’ To The DJ Booth?

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RJ Mitte from 'Breaking Bad' is heading out to test his hand at being a DJ, with his first show hitting in April.


Paul F Tompkins Had RJ Mitte Do A Blindfolded Cereal Tasting In ‘Breaking Breakfast’

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How many cereals do you think RJ Mitte can correctly identify in a blind taste test?


TMZ Remains The Worst, Is Now Asking Half-Drunk Celebrities About Real-Life Serial Killers

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In their ongoing effort to be the worst, TMZ cornered an apparently intoxicated RJ Mitte and peppered him with questions about the real-life "Dexter" killer.


RJ Mitte, AKA Walt Jr From ‘Breaking Bad’, Seems To Enjoy Getting The TMZ Treatment

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RJ Mitte, the actor who plays Walt Jr on Breaking Bad, popped up on TMZ tonight leaving a nightclub with a young lady. Then TMZ made it awkward.


Looks Like RJ Mitte — AKA Walter Jr. — Had A Good Time At His 21st Birthday Bash In Vegas

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Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte (aka Walter Jr.) celebrated his 21st birthday in Vegas over the weekend. Looks like he had an A-1 day.


So Here’s Walter Jr. And Creepy Glenn In A Funny Or Die Video With A Victoria’s Secret Model

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Here's RJ Mitte (aka Walter Jr.), Marten Weiner (aka Creepy Glenn) & Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio all in a video together. Happy Monday!


Here’s Walter Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’ Looking Fabulous And Glam On The Cover Of An Avant-Garde Magazine

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RJ Mitte is on the new cover of something called Dark Beauty magazine. It's Walter Jr. like you've never seen him before.


Watch Conan O’Brien Interview Vince Gilligan And The ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast

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I can't believe this wasn't more publicized. I'm still not sure when exactly it was filmed and I'm registered for a "Vince Gilligan talks" Google Alert.


Walt Jr. To Become A Sex God In Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

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R.J. Mitte, who plays Walt Jr on "Breaking Bad," recently posed for a rather revealing photoshoot with Dark Beauty Magazine.


Bret Easton Ellis Hates ‘Breaking Bad’ But Wants To Bang Walter Jr.


One of my favorite things about checking Twitter each morning is waking up to the occasional string of ridiculous tweets from American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis. Such was the case this morning with his string of tweets about the current state of American television.


UPROXX Live Q&A With RJ Mitte, AKA Walter Jr. From ‘Breaking Bad’

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Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte, aka Walter Jr., joins us today to discuss the show. Break out the tequila, Uncle Hank -- it's time to par-tay.

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