#Mad Men

Beck Turned Down The Chance To Write The ‘Mad Men’ Theme Song

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Beck has a lot of regrets from the past, but one of his biggest ones is skipping on the chance to write the 'Mad Men' theme song.


RJD2 – “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request”


Producer RJD2 lets off a shot with "Her Majesty's Socialist Request," a track that's equal parts trap, boom-bap and orchestral masterpiece.

Year Of The Blacksmith Community Mixtape

Jean Grae Feat. Mela Machinko – “The Bridge”

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Jean's musical output hasn't increased as much as I hoped since she linked up with Talib's Blacksmith movement.


Drake Makes How Much Per Show?

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As record sales keep slumping for bigger acts and concert money becomes more essential to funding artists' lavish livelihoods, curiosity leads one to ponder how much our favorite acts pull in per show.

The Colossus

RJD2 – “The Colossus” Video

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If you're familiar with indie Hip-Hop beat machine RJD2, you already know dude's a beast because of his work with Cage, MF Doom and CunninLynguists, not to mention his own diverse and eclectic collection of albums and instrumentals.

Your Face or Your Kneecaps

Your Daily Funk – “Find You Out”

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Yeah, it's been a minute and you've been conditioned to see these only @ night.

Since We Last Spoke

Your Daily Funk – “To All Of You”

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Testament to the fact that our type of "funk" doesn't have to all be predated 1980-something.

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