The NYPD Is Reportedly Using ‘Road House’ To Teach Police Officers To Be Nice

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The NYPD is allegedly showing Patrick Swayze's classic speech from 'Road House' to trainees in an attempt to make the nicer on the job.


Celebrate Cinemax Renewing ‘Banshee’ For A Fourth Season With These Badass Fights

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'Banshee' is coming back for a fourth season and to show you why it's warranted, we're showing you a selection of badass fights.

Zach DeBell

A Georgia Bulldogs Lineman Went To A Strip Club And Became ‘The Best Cooler In The Business’

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Georgia Lineman Zach DeBell Did His Best 'Dalton From Road House' Impression At A Strip Club In Athens.


Every Face Punch From ‘Road House,’ Obviously

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Hey, remember 'Road House?' People got punched in the face a lot, turns out.

terry funk

10 Important Lessons That We Learned From ‘Road House,’ On Its 25th Anniversary

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On May 19, 1989, the cult classic 'Road House' opened in theaters and introduced us to the great warrior poet (and bar bouncer) Dalton.

why god why?

MGM is Remaking ‘Road House’ with the Director of ‘Alex Cross’ Because They Hate You

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For no reason other than CHA-CHING, MGM is remaking the 1989 Patrick Swayze cult classic Road House.

#bill murray

Bill Murray calls Kelly Lynch’s husband every time he sees her sex scene in Roadhouse

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People love Bill Murray, because besides managing to seem likable in even the crappiest of movies, he seems to use his fame primarily as a practical joke.


Supercut of the Day: Every Face Punch from Road House

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The folks at Red Letter Media are doing the Lord's work yet again, having compiled every face punch from Road House into one video (bonus trivia that matters only to me: Road House was partly filmed in Reedley, California, the town where I went to high school).



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I hesitate to post this for fear of jinxing it, but the Daily Mail reports, based largely on these side-by-side pictures, the left from back in April, the right a recent shot of him looking healthier, that Patrick Swayze may be winning his battle with pancreatic cancer.

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