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Jimmy Kimmel Made A Guest Appearance On Rob Ford’s ‘Wayne’s World’-Esque TV Show


Jimmy Kimmel and Rob Ford should just star in a buddy comedy together. They could be the new Chris Farley and David Spade.


Toronto Officially Has The Best Fake Political Campaign Signs


A+ work from a team hellbent on no more Rob Ford in Toronto. This is how you get the internet to do your work for you.


‘Unethical Hacks’ Is Hiring A Tuba Player To Follow Rob Ford Around Like On ‘Family Guy’

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Taking a page from 'Family Guy,' Unethical Hacks wants a tuba player to follow Toronto mayor Rob Ford around for a day.

Crack Smoking Chronicles

Watch Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Mad Dash To Escape A Mob Of Reporters

By | 4 Comments

If he's not smoking crack, talking to Jimmy Kimmel or making a mockery of the mayor's office, Rob Ford enjoys a good jog through a sea of reporters.


Rob Ford Had A Little Trouble With Daylight Saving Time, But Luckily The Internet Was There To Help

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Rob Ford is the talk of the Internet once again, this time for bending space and time to his will!

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Grill Toronto Mayor Rob Ford About All His Crazy Antics, Wipe Sweat Off His Brow

By | 7 Comments

Nothing was off limits when Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Toronto's crack-smoking mayor.

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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Producer: No Topic Is Off Limits During Tonight's Interview With Rob Ford

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This is either going to be really, really good or really, really disappointing.


Watch Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Make A Hip Hop Beat Live On Stage


Appearing as a special guest at a charity fundraiser, Rob Ford blessed those in attendance with a “freestyle beat."


Buffalo Soldier Rob Ford Has Proclaimed Today To Be Bob Marley Day In Toronto


Rob Ford doesn't just dance to Bob Marley, no sir, he makes it official.

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Here Are 25 Pop Culture Valentines To Amuse Even Grumpy Cat


These 25 funny valentines celebrate the upcoming holiday with plenty of music, movie, and TV references for the discerning Grumpy Cat in your life.


Bad News, Broncos Fans: Rob Ford Is Wearing His Orlando Franklin Jersey

By | 4 Comments

Embattled crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford showed his allegiance to the Denver Broncos by wearing an Orlando Franklin jersey today.


We Enthusiastically Endorse Rob Ford’s Bid For Reelection As Mayor Of Toronto

By | 7 Comments

Rob Ford is once again running for mayor of Toronto. He has our full support.


Here Are 10 Of The Best Mashups From 2013 To Help Get You To The New Year

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2013 gave us a hundred different versions of "Blurred Lines," but we also got a mashup of Chris Farley and Rob Ford. So it all balanced out in the end.

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A Man Got A Rob Ford Tattoo And, Yes, He Was Trashed When He Got It


Further proof that Rob Ford is our new crackhead overlord: people are getting Rob Ford tattoos.


Rob Ford Dancing To Bob Marley Is An Early Christmas Present To The World

By | 2 Comments

Why did a reggae singer come to Toronto's City Hall to sing a Bob Marley song? Who cares. ROB FORD DANCING.

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Will Ferrell Tells Letterman About His Hilarious, Sweaty Encounter With Rob Ford


Will Ferrell traveled to Toronto and survived an encounter with Mayor Rob Ford. Here are the details.

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Jennifer Lawrence Reading Rob Ford’s Crack Statement Is Everything

By | 11 Comments

Letterman pooled talent and put together this bit about a Ken Burns-style reading of Rob Ford's "Statement."


Politician Fail Compilation


Some of the funniest political missteps and mishaps ever caught on camera, all in one video.


Hey Look! It’s 8 Rejected Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons!

By | 11 Comments

If parade officials really wanted to go topical, they would use the ideas I sent them. Sadly, they were all rejected.

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