Their First MTV Series Was A Collaboration With Jon Stewart And Other Fun Facts About ‘The State’

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Did you know that 'The State' were originally a part of another MTV series and that they didn't even always go by 'The State?'

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What It’s Like To Have Your Favorite Comedic Actors Film An Indie Comedy In Your House

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Last year Tom Lennon and Ben Garant's "Hell Baby" debuted in theaters. Did you see it? Well, it was filmed in my house. This is my story.

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‘The Naked Gun’ Is Getting A Reboot Starring Ed Helms As Frank Drebin

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Paramount has tabbed Ed Helms to play Frank Drebin in a reboot of 'The Naked Gun' that is completely unnecessary.


‘Hell Baby’ — From The Creators Of ‘Reno 911′ — Is A Horror Spoof That Actually Looks Funny

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'Hell Baby' was written and directed by the guys who brought you 'Reno 911' and looks pretty damn funny.


The Reno 911! Guys Are Back With ‘Hell Baby’

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Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have made cushy livings for themselves in their post-The State days as the co-writers of such classic comedies as Taxi, The Pacifier, Herbie Fully Loaded, Let’s Go to Prison and Night at the Museum.

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‘The State’ Alum Robert Ben Garant To Direct Baywatch Movie

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When I read that there was actually (and, well, finally) a Baywatch movie in production, I unleashed a groan that shook Mother Earth to her very core.

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Nic Cage's Stolen Comic Book, Starring Jason Statham

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As insane as the characters he plays in his movies, screaming at iguanas that may not even be there, punching women, dressing as a bear - it's possible Nic Cage might be even crazier in real life.


Lt. Dangle writing Vin Diesel action-comedy

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Fast Five recently helped America rediscover her love affair with one Vin Diesel, a modern-day, gay Jimmy Stewart named after truck fuel.

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