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‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Responds To A Popular Theory Involving Rick Grimes

By | 30 Comments

The creator of "The Walking Dead," Robert Kirkman," set the record straight on a popular theory involving Rick Grimes.

#The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Needs To Go On The Record Promising The Walking Dead Won’t End As Rick Grimes’ Coma Dream

By | 100 Comments

Robert Kirkman needs to go ahead and rule out a very popular 'The Walking Dead' theory now.

#The Walking Dead

Open Questions Going Into The Fifth Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 25 Comments

Get ready for this weekend's 'The Walking Dead' premiere by reminding yourself of the questions that need to be answered.

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The Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Knows Exactly How The Series Will End

By | 6 Comments

The creator of "The Walking Dead" comics, Robert Kirkman, says he knows exactly how the series will end, he just doesn't know when.

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The New ‘The Walking Dead’ Teaser Suggests Something Straight Out Of Carcosa

By | 14 Comments

Gas masks? Screams coming from behind a closed door? Welcome to season 5 of 'The Walking Dead.'

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Is Daryl Dixon Gay? A Potential Game Changer For ‘The Walking Dead’ And For Television.

By | 83 Comments

Robert Kirkman hints that the most popular character on 'The Walking Dead' could be gay.

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Andrew Lincoln Promises A ‘Walking Dead’ Fifth Season With Zombies Riding Sharks Throwing Snakes

By | 4 Comments

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus pal around with Robert Kirkman in an interview they clearly don't care about.

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Here’s Everything We Know About ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off So Far

By | 49 Comments

Details and timeliness on 'The Walking Dead' companion series, coming to AMC.

#The Walking Dead

NBC Exec Wins Award For Most Baffling Note Ever For The Change He Suggested To ‘The Walking Dead’ Pilot

By | 47 Comments

When Robert Kirkman and Co. showed 'The Walking Dead' pilot to NBC, they loved it, except for one kinda crucial thing.

#The Walking Dead

'The Walking Dead' Creator And Showrunner Address All Of Our Terminus Questions

By | 46 Comments

Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple address questions about Terminus, the fates of Carol, Beth, Tyreese, and Judith, and whether cannibals are involved.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Is Official, Lands A Showrunner

By | 61 Comments

'The Walking Dead' companion series, which will follow a new group, lands a 'Sons of Anarchy' writer as its showrunner.

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The 13 Most Revealing Answers About 'The Walking Dead' From Robert Kirkman's Reddit AMA

By | 17 Comments

'The Walking Dead' creator, Robert Kirkman, answers questions about the show, its characters, and some of the behind-the-scenes drama.

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Tonight’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is The Most Must See Episode Of The Season

By | 51 Comments

If you're a regular viewer of 'The Walking Dead,' make sure to watch tonight's episode, 'The Grove,' as soon as possible, to avoid potential spoilers.

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10 Fascinating Character Differences Between ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic And TV Series (No Spoilers)

By | 44 Comments

A outline of the differences between the TV show and the comic in ten deceased 'The Walking Dead' characters.

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Rumor: One Of These Four Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Members Will Be Killed Off This Season

By | 87 Comments

Which of these four 'The Walking Dead' characters may be shuffling off AMC's top-rated series?

#The Walking Dead

How An Alien Invasion Figured Into The Origins Of The Zombie Apocalypse On 'The Walking Dead'

By | 9 Comments

Robert Kirkman initially sold 'The Walking Dead' comics with an alien invasion hook ... is it still on the table?

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