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David Letterman Reflects On His 38-Year Friendship With Robin Williams, And Yes, You Will Lose It

By | 15 Comments

Letterman's 10-minute tribute to Robin Williams is funny, heartfelt, and heartbreaking.

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Mel Gibson Seemed A *Little* Cocaine-y The Expendables Premiere

By | 36 Comments

Mel Gibson has either been doing a lot of coke or is just really weird.

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Robin Williams May Also Live On In The Next ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Game

By | 5 Comments

'The Legend of Zelda' fans are petitioning Nintendo to add a tribute to Zelda superfan Robin Williams to the game, and Nintendo responded.

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A Nonprofit Has A Lovely Response To The Westboro Baptist Church Picketing Robin Williams’ Funeral

By | 24 Comments

As a response to the Westboro Baptist Church picketing Robin Williams' funeral, a non-profit has launched a charity.

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Lewis Black Responds To Rush Limbaugh’s Comments About Robin Williams: F*CK YOU

By | 20 Comments

Lewis Black responds in typical Lewis Black fashion to Rush Limbaugh's comments about Robin Williams' death.

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Robin Williams’ Wife Reveals He Was Battling A Crippling Disease

By | 5 Comments

The late comedian's diagnosis may have been too much for him to cope with.

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Robin Williams’ Wife Reveals He Was Suffering From The Early Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease

By | 18 Comments

Robin Williams' wife Susan Schneider released this statement to the press today.

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Harvey Weinstein Remembers Robin Williams’ Prank On The ‘Good Will Hunting’ Set

By | 14 Comments

Harvey Weinstein talks about the prank Robin Williams pulled on Stellan Skarsgard on the set of 'Good Will Hunting.'


Frotcast 216: Robin Williams, Guardians of the Galaxy, And Putin With Heather

By | 18 Comments

This week's Frotcast, in which Heather the famously glib lesbian drops by to talk Robin Williams, TMNT, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Vladimir Putin.

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Watch A Sportscaster Casually Mention 20+ Robin Williams Movies In A Single Segment


This is the most unique and creative Robin Williams tribute we've seen. Good job Zach Klein!

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Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Writes A Heartbreaking Letter About Her Father’s Passing

By | 21 Comments

Zelda Williams, the 25-year-old daughter of Robin Williams, writes intimately about her father's passing.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon Pay Tribute To Robin Williams, ‘The Muhammad Ali Of Comedy’

By | 12 Comments

Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Robin Williams on The Tonight Show, calling him "The Muhammad Ali of Comedy."

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Robin Williams Will Live On In The World Of Warcraft

By | 10 Comments

World Of Warcraft fans have successfully petitioned Blizzard to add a tribute to fellow WoW player Robin Williams to the game.

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Conan Takes Some Time To Remember Robin Williams, The Best Talk Show Guest In The World

By | 4 Comments

Conan tells a touching story about Robin Williams before sharing a collection of clips of the comedian at his talk show best.

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Right On Cue, Rush Limbaugh Said Something Impossibly Stupid About Robin Williams Committing Suicide

By | 90 Comments

Rush Limbaugh would like everyone to know that Robin Williams killed himself because he was a liberal. Or something.

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