The 11 Weirdest Moments In Robocop History You May Have Forgotten About

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The many attempts to make Robocop family-friendly led to some truly bizarre moments in the character's history.


Here’s The 2-Hour, Crowdsourced ‘RoboCop’ Remake In Its Entirety

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Paul Verhoeven's film gets lovingly remade by more than 50 filmmakers because "if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it’s us."


WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson says America is Robophobic in new Robocop trailer

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Samuel L. Jackson calls America Robo-Phobic, and other madness in the brand-new trailer for Sony's Robocop remake directed by Jose Padilha.


It’s the Robocop trailer!

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DROP IT, CREEPS, the Robocop trailer is here.


Confirmed: The Robocop Remake Will Be PG-13 :-(

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I've been cautiously optimistic about the Robocop remake ever since they hired Brazilian badass Jose Padilha to direct, but today brings us an excellent example of why people have such a knee-jerk hatred of remakes before they even know the details.


New pics & video from the Robocop remake, including ED-209

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With Comic-Con going down this week, you can expect more nerdy swag releases like this new viral video and photo set from the Robocop remake.


It's the new Robocop suit

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The first pictures of the new Robocop suit (above and below) have leaked from the set of MGM and director Jose Padilha's remake starring Joel Kinnaman, which is currently shooting in Toronto.


Robocop is a transformer who fights Al-Qaeda now

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Up until recently, it seemed like MGM's Robocop remake was making all the right moves.


Dr. House to play the villain in Robocop remake

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hugh "I have a girl's first name for a last name" Laurie is in final negotiations to play the villain in MGM's remake of Robocop.

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