Expendables Fantasy Draft: How Would You Assemble Your Perfect Team Of Action Heroes?

By | 68 Comments

Our panel of eight experts faced off in an epic fantasy draft challenge to select their ultimate 'Expendables' action hero lineups.


Stream ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, June 5, 2014

By | 33 Comments

Laremy counts down all the best new movies on Netflix Instant and streaming.


RoboCop Threw Out The First Pitch For The Detroit Tigers Tonight

By | 12 Comments

Despite the cancellation of the highly-anticipated statue unveiling, RoboCop still threw out the first pitch for the Detroit Tigers tonight.


The Robocop Statue’s Unveiling Has Been Cancelled

By | 14 Comments

Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see the finished Robocop statue.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 5 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.


Just How Much Property Damage Did ‘RoboCop’ Cause?


RoboCop destroys a lot of buildings. But how much does the future of law enforcement actually wreck?


Box Office Recap: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Spanked This Weekend’s Unoriginal Crapfest

By | 16 Comments

While Hollywood carted out three remakes for Valentine's Day weekend, 'The LEGO Movie' still reigned supreme with another huge box office performance.


Weekend Movie Guide: About RoboCop’s Endless Love Tale

By | 22 Comments

'RoboCop' leads a weekend of three remakes, because everyone in Hollywood clearly took too many vacations last year.


The 11 Weirdest Moments In Robocop History You May Have Forgotten About

By | 31 Comments

The many attempts to make Robocop family-friendly led to some truly bizarre moments in the character's history.


Why RoboCop Is The Best Choice For Valentine’s Day

Promoted by RoboCop

On a weekend full of romance, it's time for RoboCop. Here's why.

#Fascinating Facts

20 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About The Original ‘Robocop’

By | 28 Comments

Come quietly and read this article of 'RoboCop' facts or there will be trouble.


Drop It, Creep: RoboCop Is Giving Ultimatums In The Newest Videos

By | 4 Comments

'RoboCop' opens tomorrow, so MGM has to hurry up and shoot everyone's crotch with as many promotional videos as possible.


Fatal Farm’s ‘RoboCop’ Remake Features A LOT Of Penis Shooting

By | 24 Comments

Fifty amateur and professional filmmakers contributed to 'Our RoboCop Remake,' but no scene may be more ridiculous than the one created by Fatal Farm.


Here’s The 2-Hour, Crowdsourced ‘RoboCop’ Remake In Its Entirety

By | 2 Comments

Paul Verhoeven's film gets lovingly remade by more than 50 filmmakers because "if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it’s us."


Which Movies Will Get Super Bowl Trailers?

By | 10 Comments

Super Bowl trailers are a yearly tradition... but which movies will be participating this year?

Honest Trailer Reminds Us Why ‘RoboCop’ Movies Should Never Be PG-13

By | 9 Comments

This honest trailer is rated R for RoboCop, because that's how you make a f**king RoboCop movie.


Well, That Escalated Quickly: ‘RoboCop’ Releases All The Clips

By | 4 Comments

Last week we finally saw the first clip from the 'RoboCop' remake, and this week Sony released five clips at once plus a new batch of photos.


The First Clip From ‘RoboCop’ Brings A Gun To A Drone Fight

By | 12 Comments

RoboCop is gunfighting with Kelly Leak and several of Omnicorp's EM-208 humanoid drones in the first clip from 'RoboCop'.


‘Our Robocop Remake’ Is Officially The Best Robocop Remake Of 2014

By | 2 Comments

55 fan filmmakers have done a reboot of 'Robocop' for, I'm assuming, around 55 dollars...


‘RoboCop’ Was Introduced At CES… In 2027

By | 3 Comments

Ever wondered what RoboCop being presented at CES would be like? Wonder no more.

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