3D printing

A 7-Year-Old Girl Got A New 3D-Printed Left Hand For The Wonderful Price Of $50


A young girl received a new 3D-printed robotic arm for just $50.


Stop Everything You're Doing And Build Yourself A Squishy Robot Slug Instead

3D printing is making your dreams a reality. If your dreams involve robot sea slugs.

short films

Watch Jim Henson's 1963 short film, Robot


In this 1963 short film recently unearthed by the AT&T Archives, a then-27-year-old Jim Henson created for a Bell System seminar given to business owners, this pithy take on the growing relationship between human businessmen and technology.


Enthiran (Robot) Is Delightfully Insane


Enthiran (Robot) is a Tamil-language Indian film released on 2250 screens worldwide on October 1st of last year, making it the biggest opening (in terms of number of screens) for an Indian film.


Japanese Robot Sumo Is Over In Seconds

If you ever needed proof that the deadly (and inevitable) robo-pocalypse will be swift, check out this video footage of the finals of Japan's annual robot sumo competition.


Indian robot movie breaks box office record for money, badassness


India's most expensive movie ever, Endhiran, aka The Robot, aka A Giant Cobra Made of Robot Men Slithers Around Eating Cars, opened in India in three languages last Friday, and surprise surprise, the $35 million-budgeted romp is breaking box-office records.


Insanely awesome-looking Indian movie 'Robot' has new trailer


India's most expensive film ever made, Endhiran, aka Robot, has a new trailer out, and even though it's not as long as the last one I posted, you better believe I'm posting every scrap of video I can from this insanely badass-looking movie.


You had me at 'a giant cobra made of robot men slithers around eating cars.'


I never saw I Robot, but having seen this trailer for the Indian film, Endhiran, aka The Robot, which looks a lot like I Robot, I must conclude that American filmmakers could learn a lot from Indian filmmakers.

Tony Touch

Tony Touch, KRS-One, & Buckshot – “Toca Tuesdays Freestyle” Video


Buckshot, KRS-One & Dru Ha stopped by Tony Touches "Toca Tuesdays" show on Shade 45 last week to promote their collaborative album Survival Skills coming out on Duck Down August 25th.

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