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Russia Is A Bit Behind In The Robot Arms Race

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Russia needs better robots, as this clip shows us.


Atlas, AKA Google’s Terminator, Is Now Far Quieter And Battery-Powered

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Atlas, aka the Google Terminator, now no longer needs an air hose or safety tether. It's free! And can use weapons! Yay?

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Watch As Jimmy Fallon Attempts To Defeat A Robot In A Game Of Beer Pong

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Jimmy Fallon helps us find answers to some questions we had about how the Versaball robot plays beer pong.


Meet Easton LaChappelle, The 19-Year-Old Luminary Building A Cheaper, Better Prosthetic Limb

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Easton LaChappelle is just 19 years old, and he's already changing the world, as we see in the premiere episode of 'Luminaries.'


Robot Beer Pong Is One Way Smart Drunk People Are Still Better Than You


Empire Robotics has brought their Versaball system to Vegas and I really want to know how you get a robot drunk.


Meet The Soft Exosuit That Might Help The Elderly Walk Again

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This military device might allow the elderly more freedom of movement, or even to ditch the walker for good.


DEKA Arm, The Mind-Reading Prosthetic Limb, Is Approved For American Consumption

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The DEKA Arm can officially be sold in the US, and that means a lot of people are about to have a better quality of life.


NASA Reveals Their Android, Valkyrie, To The World

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Valkyrie looks like Iron Man's Mark VIII Armor, but it's actually NASA's attempt to revolutionize robotics.


Science Makes The Spider-Sense A Reality

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A computer science nerd just built a suit that gives you Spider-Man's spider-sense. But it's more than just awesome cosplay: It may help save lives.


The FDA Is Speeding Up The Process Of Turning Us Into Cyborgs


The FDA notoriously takes forever to approve new drugs and medical procedures, all in the name of so-called "safety" and "preventing flipper-babies.


Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Arm Is A Total Snoozefest


When the University of Central Florida devised a robot arm for wheelchair patients to move objects, they created two modes: one where the patient controls the arm manually and another where the computer does all work of identifying objects and figuring out how to move them on it's own.


Scientists Teach Robots Anger And Fear In Well-Thought-Out Plan

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A group of European scientists have developed the first prototype robot capable of developing emotions from interacting with humans.


The Cyborg Revolution Is Here…In Europe?

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Admit it, when the inevitable Cyborg revolution comes around, you figured it'd be in America, right.

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