100-Word Review: Rocky Rivera’s ‘Gangster of Love’

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Getting to know the Bay Area emcee through her latest album.

Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera – “No Love” Video

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The Bay Area scenery behind looks calm and peaceful but it's a strong contrast to Rocky Rivera's aggro stance on her newest cut "No Love.

Rocky Rivera

Bambu Ft. Rocky Rivera – “Rent Money” Video

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It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect some strand of dark political lingo from Bambu when hitting play on one of his records but right from opening horns of "Rent Money," this one's a curve ball.

Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera Feat. Irie Eyez – “GRLZ” Video

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All The Beastie Boys ever really wanted was girls.

Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera Feat. DaVinci – “SF City Retrospect” Video

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Rocky Rivera teams up with another San Fran-based emcee, Davinci, to pay homage to their respective neighborhoods in the City by the Bay.

Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera – “La Madrina”

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Last March, Rocky Rivera stood bold and true for Women's History Month by personifying three of history's most illustrious heroines (not to mentioning creating the first entire song to be featured for a Notable Quotable).


Let A3C Now Begin

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After weeks of buildup, A3C is set to kick off tonight & we'll be hosting our West Stage with performances by TiRon, Diz Gibran, El Prez, Rocky Rivera, Ayomari, Pac Div, DaVinci, Surf Club and a whole bunch of other folks.

#LeBron James

The Week That Was: The RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Edition

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-- Guru's passing put a damper on 4:20 and perhaps added incentive for countless fans to "Take Two And Pass" with his spirit in mind.


TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Rocky Rivera

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Despite the increased opportunites to be heard through the microphone, the world still endures a dearth of female rappers and fans that will lend them an ear to be heard.

Rocky Rivera

Notable Quotable – Rocky Rivera’s “Heart”

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We don't get enough edutainment in Hip-Hop anymore.

Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera – “Feelin’ My Shhh…”

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First of all, condolences are in order.

Rocky Rivera

EyeAsage – “MRSHMLO” Video

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Directed by Mikhail Shapiro As women continue to become an endangered species in Hip-Hop, few keep the faith that there will ever be ladies worth checking for in their iPods.

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