And Now, The Cena Vs. Rusev Feud As The Rocky IV ‘No Easy Way Out’ Montage

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Because the Internet, here's the Rocky IV 'No Easy Way Out' montage redone with Rusev and John Cena footage.


Three Philadelphia Tourists Running Up The Art Museum Steps Encountered Rocky Balboa Himself

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Three tourists running up the iconic 'Rocky' steps never thought they'd run into Sylvester Stallone himself!


Did Sylvester Stallone Accidentally Spoil The Ending To His ‘Rocky’ Spin-Off Movie, ‘Creed’?

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Sylvester Stallone tweeted out the final page of the 'Creed' script, and according to Yahoo, it gives away the ending.

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The 7 Games You Need To Assemble Your Video Game Expendables

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Here's seven of the best video games featuring the leads of 'The Expendables 3'.


Here's Sly Stallone And David Letterman Downing Raw Eggs In Defiance Of Good Health

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Stallone, Letterman and Theo James manage to go full 'Rocky' on 'The Late Show' and things escalate very quickly.


A Nursing Home Made A Calendar Of Residents Dressed Up As Famous Movie Characters

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An unknown nursing home will brighten your day with this calendar of residents dressed up as their favorite movie characters from iconic movie scenes.


Rocky, The Denver Nuggets New Mascot, Had A Pretty Rough Debut

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The Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky, passed out while being lowered from the rafters at the team's home opener.


New Nike Commercial Turns LeBron James Into Miami’s “Rocky”


Nike has an amazing way of making professional athletes into portraits for idolatry.


Inspiring Athleticism Of The Day: Somebody Drove A Car Down The 'Rocky' Steps

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An assumedly drunk guy in a car drove up and down the Rocky Steps outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (Video)


Let’s Watch Sylvester Stallone Choreograph The Rocky Vs. Apollo Creed Fight


Via comes this awesome clip of Sylvester Stallone working out the fight from the end of Rocky, and it's totally worth watching, especially for the impromptu Carl Weathers acting workshop.


Russell Westbrook Was A Dick To This Lion

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So, this happened: The Denver Nuggets prevailed over the OKC Thunder in a hard-fought, overtime thriller.


Bob Sapp's KSW 19 Training Video Features Egg Vomiting, Exploding Pillows

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What you're supposed to get from watching this video: Bobb Sapp is fighting Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 on May 12.

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Which Action Star Has Inspired the Worst Video Games? Another (Sort of) Scientific Study

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A couple months back I conducted a (sort of) scientific study to determine which superhero sucks the hardest when it comes to video game adaptations.


Stallone Inducted Into Boxing Hall Of Fame, Haters Gonna Hate


I'm a few days late on this one, but Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame on Sunday under the classification of an "Observer"* because of the impact that the Rocky franchise has had on the sport of boxing.

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KEEP PUNCHING! Stallone Inducted Into Boxing Hall of Fame

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Today Sylvester Stallone has single-handedly proven that to become a sports hero, you don't have to be blessed with athletic prowess, discipline, or have even played that sport professionally.


Stallone wants to do an MMA-based Rocky. …Or something.

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Howdy, folks, and welcome to another exciting episode of "What the hell is Sylvester Stallone talking about.



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Geekologie (via flubby) found these humorous and somewhat-anatomically-correct USB drives, inspired by characters from Rocky III.



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Here's a bunch of children singing Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger," via College Humor.

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