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The Most Star-Studded Episodes To Watch During FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

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Get your DVRs ready to record these episodes that feature some of the biggest stars to ever offer their voices to 'The Simpsons.'


Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘This Is SportsCenter’ With The Campaign’s Funniest Commercials

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'This is SportsCenter' was created 20 years ago to bring ESPN's top show into the mainstream, and it's as relevant and funny as ever.


Everything Is Now Officially Sports Related


In talking with a friend of mine yesterday, after news broke that Mindy McCready had killed herself, he asked, “Who the f*ck is Mindy McCready.


The 2013 Baseball Hall Of Fame Votes Are In

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Today is the day when we find out who'll be the next legendary superstar elected into Baseball's Hall Of Fame.


Sports On TV: The Simpsons’ 20 Greatest Golden Age Sports Moments

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It's impossible to overstate the brilliance and cultural impact of 'The Simpsons'.


Roger Clemens Is On His Way To Being The New Jose Canseco


Just two days after I hosted my 2-month anniversary celebration for his acquittal – including jalapeno poppers.


10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports

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Welcome to a new weekly feature that we’ll be running in which we make a bunch of predictions about the upcoming week in sports.


Shocking: Lawyers Are Taking Their Sweet Ass Time With Roger Clemens

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Back in 2008, former Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros and New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens might have lied to a U.

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Toby Keith’s ‘Red Solo Cup’ Is Impossibly Delightful


If someone would have told me last week that I'd be posting a Toby Keith video on UPROXX this week I'd have laughed in their face.


Iowa’s Leading Receiver Is A Kingpin?

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Iowa City police officers were conducting an investigation on 21-year old Brady Johnson near the University of Iowa this week when they uncovered quite the Hawkeyes football scandal.


Roger Clemens Doesn’t Really Get It

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Since being indicted last week on charges of perjury and obstruction, among other felonies, Roger Clemens has been feverishly denying the allegations that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs and especially that he lied to Congress.


Roger Clemens Is A Liar, Pants On Fire

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Remember when Roger Clemens swore up and down in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that he had never taken steroids or used performance-enhancing drugs while playing professional baseball.


Game 3: Skip rediscovers his game, Orlando makes it a series again

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Good news for the Orlando Magic: Winning last night's Game 3 puts you right back in the NBA Finals, and with two more home games in a row, in position to stretch this thing to six or seven games and pull off an upset.

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Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and David Carr recorded a few commercials when the three played in Houston and two of them still had careers.



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Today Page Six claims that Roger Clemens is selling his belongings in order to help pay for all his legal bills.



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"Saint Andrew's Net" is With Leather's daily link dump, written by the bane of respectable journos and scrupulous primates alike, Michael Tunison.



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In between being married and producing four offspring with names that begin with "K," Roger Clemens sank his pork-sword to the hilt into whichever homo sapiens vagina happened to be closest and least likely to run away.

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