An Investigation: Which Female Pop Star Is Taylor Swift Secretly Feuding With?

By | 17 Comments

Taylor Swift admitted to having an ongoing feud with a female artist to 'Rolling Stone.' It's up to us to figure out who it is.


The ‘New’ Taylor Swift Is Done With Boys And Tired Of Your Bro Jokes

By | 14 Comments

The new Taylor Swift is a lot like the old Taylor Swift, except with fewer boys.


Radiohead Set To Record Music For A New Album This September

By | 10 Comments

In dire need of new Radiohead music? Well you're in luck, my friend.

#jack white

Jack White Isn’t A Fan Of Cellphone-Holding Drunk Concertgoers

By | 22 Comments

Do not get drunk and hold up your cellphone at a Jack White concert. Or any concert, actually.

rolling stone

Drake Apologizes To Rolling Stone And Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Family For Going Full Drake

By | 5 Comments

Drake tries to make amends to Rolling Stone and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's family. Okie doke.


#SorryNotSorry Drake and Nicki Minaj Apologize For You Being Dumb

By | 31 Comments

While Birdman was busy shipping his luxury cars from Miami to New Orleans for the All Star Game, the YMCMB publicists have been working overtime. Good thing they aren't paid in royalties!

#Kanye West

Drake Is Mad At Rolling Stone For Publishing His Comments About Kanye West, But Who’s Really To Blame?


Drake obviously didn’t receive the proper media training because he said some things about Kanye West to a reporter that he thought were off the record.


Celebrate The Beatles Ed Sullivan Anniversary With This Super Awkward Musical Special From 1977

By | 2 Comments

Straight from 1977 comes this segment from a Rolling Stone TV special and it is the perfect way to ring in The Beatles Ed Sullivan anniversary

rolling stone

Everything About Rolling Stone’s Profile Of Charles Manson Is Horrifying

By | 3 Comments

"You think I'm too old to jack off. You think, 'He's too old to f*ck his pillow.' But I'm not," said human monster Charles Manson.


Ke$ha Wrote A Farewell To ‘Eastbound & Down’ And Compared Herself To Kenny Powers

By | 2 Comments

Pop star Ke$ha wrote about 'Eastbound & Down' for Rolling Stone and compared her own zany antics to those of the antihero Kenny Powers.

rolling stone

Rolling Stone’s ‘Rocker Vs. DJ’ Commercial Is One Big F*ck You To Electronic Music

By | 27 Comments

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Rolling Stone Italy made fun of EDM?

#Miley Cyrus

The ‘Rolling Stone’ Profile Of Miley Cyrus Is Actually Quite…Good

By | 17 Comments

I had absolutely no intention of reading the Rolling Stone profile of Miley Cyrus. I swear I didn't. But I did and it's really good.

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