#Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald Is Not Happy With ‘Rolling Stone’ For Ranking Him One Of The Worst ‘SNL’ Cast Members Ever

By | 58 Comments

Norm MacDonald is getting revenge on Twitter for a 'Rolling Stone' ranking that's so wrong it should be illegal.


Kid Rock Enjoys Beyoncé’s ‘Nice F*cking Ass,’ But Prefers ‘White Chicks With Big Tits’

By | 19 Comments

Kid Rock adores Radiohead and Beyoncé about as much as he does Ticketmaster.

Nicki Minaj

Terry Richardson Shares Several Nicki Minaj Outtakes From Their ‘Rolling Stone’ Shoot

By | 59 Comments

Photographer Terry Richardson shares new photos from his shoot with Nicki Minaj.


Bill Cosby’s Wife Took Aim At The Media In An Official Statement About Her Husband’s Rape Allegations

By | 18 Comments

Camille Cosby targeted the media coverage of her husbands sexual allegations by comparing it to the recent Rolling Stone rape controversy.

#Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl’s Story About The Time He Jammed With Prince Never Gets Old

By | 16 Comments

In the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone,' Dave Grohl once again shares the awesome story of the time he met and jammed with Prince.

belle knox

Porn Star Belle Knox Made A Convincing Case For Legalizing Prostitution

By | 46 Comments

Belle Knox thinks prostitution should be legal. Does she have a point?


Andre 3000: ‘It Kills Me When People Try To Put Big Boi Down’

By | 106 Comments

Andre 3000 wants his brother-in-rhyme to receive the credit he deserves.

#Jack White

Jack White Went After The Foo Fighters In A ‘Kanye West-Esque Rant’

By | 46 Comments

"Because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."

#Taylor Swift

An Investigation: Which Female Pop Star Is Taylor Swift Secretly Feuding With?

By | 17 Comments

Taylor Swift admitted to having an ongoing feud with a female artist to 'Rolling Stone.' It's up to us to figure out who it is.

#Taylor Swift

The ‘New’ Taylor Swift Is Done With Boys And Tired Of Your Bro Jokes

By | 14 Comments

The new Taylor Swift is a lot like the old Taylor Swift, except with fewer boys.


Radiohead Set To Record Music For A New Album This September

By | 10 Comments

In dire need of new Radiohead music? Well you're in luck, my friend.

#jack white

Jack White Isn’t A Fan Of Cellphone-Holding Drunk Concertgoers

By | 22 Comments

Do not get drunk and hold up your cellphone at a Jack White concert. Or any concert, actually.


Drake Apologizes To Rolling Stone And Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Family For Going Full Drake

By | 4 Comments

Drake tries to make amends to Rolling Stone and Phillip Seymour Hoffman's family. Okie doke.


#SorryNotSorry Drake and Nicki Minaj Apologize For You Being Dumb

By | 31 Comments

While Birdman was busy shipping his luxury cars from Miami to New Orleans for the All Star Game, the YMCMB publicists have been working overtime. Good thing they aren't paid in royalties!


Drake Is Mad At Rolling Stone For Publishing His Comments About Kanye West, But Who’s Really To Blame?


Drake obviously didn’t receive the proper media training because he said some things about Kanye West to a reporter that he thought were off the record.

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