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A Guy’s Fish Sex Video Has Apparently Gone Viral

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The unidentified Romanian man sits back while a friend guides a non-consenting carp, erm, 'onto' him.


An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabbed A Cabbie After He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her For A Third Time

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After refusing to have sex with a woman who claims to look like Angelina Jolie for a third time, this cabbie was stabbed.


This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets Drunk Before Setting Up A Soccer Field


A groundskeeper got a little tipsy before a recent soccer match in Romania, and the field's lines certainly showed it.


Steven Seagal adopted a Romanian puppy

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Steven Seagal adopted a puppy in Romania, one of 64,000 strays roaming Bucharest that was set to be euthanized. Awww.


Here’s Your Hilarious Soccer Own Goal Of The Week, Courtesy Of Greece


In yesterday's draw against Romania, Greece’s Vasilis Torosidis provided all of Romania's offense with this somewhat impressive own goal.


Charging Bull Attacks Romanian Traffic Cop


A security camera captures a runaway bull charging a traffic cop in the middle of a busy Romanian town.


Romanian Soccer Player Carted Off Field in Motorized Wheelbarrow


A Romanian soccer player gets carted off the field in a motorized wheelbarrow.


Fast & Furious: Romanian Edition


Some serious horsepower spotted on a Romanian highway.


Romanian Paint Job


At least one Romanian man sees no need for your pesky compressor.


The 20 Best Samuel L. Jackson Olympics Tweets (So Far)

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One of the strangest and most precious gems from this weekend was discovering that Pulp Fiction slash The Avengers slash Star Wars slash everything else star Samuel L.


You Have To Pay Extra For A Happy Ending


Here we see Universitatea goalkeeper Mircea Bornescu responding to a questionable penalty and conversion from CFR Cluj like any of us would -- by causing the match to be abandoned with a punch to the goal post, some parkour over an advertising board to attack the guy who just scored and a team masseuse ready to attack on command.


Here's A Feel Like A Fatass Moment Of The Day

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The good news is that not every child born in Romania is destined to live the horror of those orphans that we've heard about for so long.


Won’t Somebody Think of the Drinking Birds?

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Weird News From Europe Dozens of starling birds found dead in Romania caused a bit of a kerfuffle, with local residents worrying about a bird flu epidemic.


How Excited Are You For Tax Season?


If you’re like me, you’re incredibly handsome and you have abs that were sculpted by lasers made by six different gods.


Video: Nic Cage Released the Pigs All Over a Romanian

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Nic Cage is in Romania shooting Ghost Rider 2 this week, and you would think he'd feel right at home there, given his well-known preference for bordello-style housing.



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Last year I ripped the critically-acclaimed Romanian film 4 Months, etc for leaving in copious amounts of tedious shots where nothing much happens, as if that makes something arty.

Tayo Odulaja

Russia’s Alexandre Shalygin Wins The Euro Dunk Contest

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After putting his mark on the Dunk planet to the point of becoming its international ambassador, Kadour Ziani passed the torch to a new generation of dunkers this past weekend in Bucharest, Romania.

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