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Supercut: The Many Emotions Of Ron Swanson


Here's a supercut of the usually stoic and serene Ron Swanson showing emotions ranging from rage to hunger.

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The Ron Swanson ‘You’re On With Ron’ Extended Cut Is All The Life Advice You’ll Ever Need

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Behold, all the advise you'll ever need/the greatest daytime talk show ever here for perpetuity.

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Nick Offerman Declines Wedding Invitations In A Way That Would Make Ron Swanson Proud

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Even if Nick Offerman doesn't want to come to your wedding, he'll still add a Ron Swanson touch.

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Watch Nick Offerman Get Drunk On 40s, Take His Penis Out, And Pee On EVERYTHING

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Watch Nick Offerman have the time of his life getting drunk and peeing all over Los Angeles in FIDLAR'S "Cocaine" music video.


Did A Steak Restaurant Rip Off Ron Swanson? (And The Morning Links)

By | 24 Comments

Brock Roland is no Ron Swanson to me, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Ron Swanson And His Corn-On-The-Cob Mustache Would Like To Wish You A Very Happy Corn-On-The-Cob Day


I bet you didn't know that it's National Corn On The Cob Day. Take it away, Ron Swanson.


The 5 Television Man Crushes Every Straight Man Should Have

By | 39 Comments

Gay or straight, every man needs a man crush, and these are your best choices to fill that category.

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Ron Swanson’s 15 Most Enlightening GIFs From ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 5

By | 16 Comments

A collection of the greatest Ron Swanson GIFs from season five of "Parks and Recreation."


Which 'Parks And Recreation' Character Will Be Pregnant In The Season Finale?

By | 49 Comments

Parks and Recreation has released a teaser video that suggests one of 5 female characters is pregnant, but is it just one of those 5 or is there someone else?


Nick Offerman Breakdanced On Fallon. It Was Predictably Glorious.

By | 8 Comments

This may change your life and will probably bring you to tears.


Grumpy Cat Cosplays Ron Swanson And Spock, Epic Tambourine Man, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring Grumpy Cat dressed as Ron Swanson ('Parks and Recreation') and Spock, as well as Japan's epic tambourine player.


Want To Support Little League Baseball? Buy This Assault Rifle

By | 5 Comments

Last year, a raffle to support a small-town Illinois little league team raised only $10.


Daft Punk And Dancing Ron Swanson, Together At Last

By | 12 Comments

Watch Ron Swanson dance to the new Daft Punk song for 10 minutes.


UCLA Scientists Are Developing An Actual Cure For Hangovers

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While I’ve yet to try Ron Swanson’s guaranteed hangover cure, I have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of others and not a single one works.


With Leather’s Watch This: How About Some ‘Parks & Rec’ On The DVR?

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Remember when we all made fun of Rob Lowe earlier this year <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/01/this-is-literally-the-worst-news-in-the-history-of-professional-football">when he “broke” the “exclusive” “news” on Twitter</a> that Peyton Manning not only wasn’t re-signing with the Indianapolis Colts, but he was never going to play football again.

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Mustache Motivation From Nick Offerman


In honor of <a href="http://mademan.com/movember" target="_blank">Movember</a>, Nick Offerman offers some words of encouragement to those stuck in the early stages of growing a full mustache.


Ron Swanson’s All-Time Government Quotes Are Here To Save The Day


Thankfully we can count on the world's greatest fictional libertarian in times like these.

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