MSNBC Has Canceled ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ And ‘The Reid Report’

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Ronan Farrow's MSNBC program 'Ronan Farrow Daily' and Joy Reid's The Reid Report have been canceled due to disappointing ratings.


MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Had A Little NCAA And NAACP Snafu, Too

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In what probably came as a relief to Heather Childers, Ronan Farrow also confused the NCAA and NAACP on his MSNBC show.


A New Piece By A PBS Documentarian Makes The Argument That Woody Allen Is Not A Child Molester

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A new piece by the director of a PBS documentary on Woody Allen corrects some of the facts surrounding the case and the molestation allegations.


How Ronan Farrow Used A Sick Burn To Make Us Pay Attention To Something Important

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Ronan Farrow unleashes the Twitter burn to end all Twitter burns during the Golden Globes, and in the process makes us revisit the details of Woody Allen's molestation case that we sort of glossed over the first time around.


Ronan Farrow Wasn’t Afraid To Share His Feelings For Woody Allen On Twitter

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Ronan Farrow was not sharing in the Golden Globes love for Woody Allen.


This Week In 'Gee, Ya Think?': Mia Farrow Says Ronan Farrow Is 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra's Son

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In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow says that her son, Ronan Farrow, is "possibly" Frank Sinatra's son.


Ronan Farrow (AKA Woody Allen's Son) Won Father's Day On Twitter


If the name Ronan Farrow (yes, that's him at an after party with Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari) doesn't ring a bell you should check out his Wikipedia page.


Woody Allen got roasted

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Woody Allen's latest movie, To Rome With Love, opened the LA Film Festival a few days ago and unfortunately for Woody, the Paris-style hit on his hands (bummer, because I really liked Midnight in Paris).

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