The Marquee NBA Games Nobody Is Talking About

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In the least-surprising turn of events since the backlash against Barack Obama for not instantly fixing a broken system, the NBA announced it will put Heat/Lakers on center stage as its Christmas Day main event, as well as put the Heat, Lakers and Celtics on display for Opening Night in October.

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Got To Have a J-O-B

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Almost a full month into free agency, and still no home for Shaq, T-Mac and Allen Iverson.


Free Agency Update: Celtics re-sign Nate Robinson

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It has widely been assumed that the Celtics and Nate Robinson would eventually come to terms on a contract, and today they finally did.


Orlando Is Building A Squad To Beat The Heat

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Lost amongst all of the Sports Illustrated covers, ESPY interviews and polls proclaiming the Heat to be nothing short of sensational, the best team in Florida could still be the Orlando Magic.

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5 NBA Free Agency Moves That Need To Happen

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While the free-agent pool is dwindling down, there are still many serviceable players available on the market.

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The New King?

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Crazy how perception can change so quickly.


Top 5 Current NBA Father/Son Combinations

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After the success of Stephen Curry this season, and watching his flawless jumper that has been passed down from his pops (Dell Curry), this got us thinking: If there were a father/son 2-on-2 tournament with current NBA players and their former NBA dads, who would win.

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The Franchise NBA Free Agent No One is Talking About

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It wasn't too long ago -- just a couple of months, actually -- that Rudy Gay was a lock to put Memphis in his rear view mirror as soon as possible.


NBA Trade Deadline Losers

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We've been over the winners. Following a hectic NBA trading season where 39 players changed addresses leading up to Thursday's deadline, here are the trade deadline losers: 1.

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Fantasy Analysis: T-Mac to NYC, Nate to Boston, Tyrus to Charlotte and More

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Tracy McGrady is finally a Knick, Nate Robinson is a Celtic and Tyrus Thomas has transformed from a sulky Bull into a brooding Bobcat.

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The Last NBA Trades To Trickle In…

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Today, without a doubt, was a busy NBA Trade Deadline.

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USF’s Stan Heath Pitches You on The Big East’s Hottest Team

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Stan Heath, whose eight-year head coaching career has already included three NCAA tournament appearances and two NBA players (Ronnie Brewer & Sonny Weems), is building something special at the University of South Florida.


NBA Trade Rumor: The Grizzlies Looking For Bench Help

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It's safe to say that when the Grizzlies started the season, they (A) didn't think that Zach Randolph would be an All-Star, and (B) didn't think that they'd make the playoffs.

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D-Wade, CP3, Joakim Noah headline Dime’s Midseason All-Defensive Teams

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Late last night I was watching Rick Pitino weekly Louisville coach's show -- one of my favorite things about having 264 sports channels -- when Pitino made a great point about defensive mentality.


Deron Williams Doesn’t Always Stick To The Fundamentals

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Deron Williams is definitely full of surprises. Ninety percent of the time, D-Will makes the simple play: The layup instead of the dunk or the bounce pass instead of the behind-the-back.

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