UFC Champ Robbie Lawler And Rory MacDonald Had Some Awkward Trash Talk

Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald got some trash talk tips from Late O'Clock news, and it was adorably awkward.


Bellator, Battleground and a Double-Header UFC: Weekend Combat Sports Live Discussion


Bellator 127, Battleground ONE, UFC Fight Nights 53 and 54 all make for a super fun weekend of combat sports. Join the live discussion!


UFC Fight Night 53 And 54 Predictions: It’s Another Doubleheader Weekend

UFC Fight Night 53 and 54 have been expertly predicted by our staff of prognosticators.


UFC 174 Live Discussion And Results: ‘Ov Mighty Mice and Tiny Men


Can Ali Bagautinov pull off the Flyweight Championship upset with a win over Demetrious Johnson at UFC 174? Join us live as we find out.


UFC 174 Predictions: Will Mighty Mouse Squash Ali Bagautinov’s Title Hopes?

Our panel of brilliant experts weighed in on which fighters will have their hands raised at UFC 174 tomorrow night.


Live Discussion: UFC 167 – Georges St-Pierre Vs. Johny Hendricks


Tomorrow night, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UFC, Georges St-Pierre puts his title on the line against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC On Fox 8 – Johnson Vs. Moraga


Demetrious Johnson won his UFC Flyweight Championship with a split decision over Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152 a little less than one year ago, and it wasn’t notable because two talented fighters put on a hell of a show for their up-and-coming division, but because the crowd basically booed them the whole time.


More Like Pooper Fight: Georges St-Pierre Probably Won’t Ever Face Anderson Silva


Remember when Dana White was extra bald and extra shouty as he yelled something along the lines of, “The people want a superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre and I’m going to make sure it happens.

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