Watch Rory McIlroy Scare The Crap Out Of His Caddy During A Flight

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If you're going to scare your caddy, make sure you do it on a plane and make sure it's on video.


Fans At The Ryder Cup Are Banned From Posting Photos To Their Social Media Account

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Fans are banned from taking pics at the Ryder Cup this year. So are players. The PGA hates fun.

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Jimmy Fallon Played Golf With Rory McIlroy As An Awkard Tiger Woods Looked on

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Tiger Woods made it an awkward threesome on The Tonight Show as Jimmy Fallon and Rory McIlroy played golf.


Rory McIlroy’s Odds To Win Are Now Better. Caroline Wozniacki’s? Not As Much.

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According to, Rory McIlroy's odds to win have actually improved, while Caroline Wozniacki's are twice as bad now.


Rory McIlroy Should Have Printed His Wedding Invitations On Boomerangs

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After he and Caroline Wozniacki sent out their wedding invitations, Rory McIlroy suddenly decided he didn't want to get married anymore.


Rory McIlroy Accidentally Knocked A Guy Into A Cactus In The Ultimate Desert Golf Trick Shot

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Rory McIlroy took golfing in the desert to a new level when his shot accidentally struck a cameraman and caused a spectator to fall into a nearby cactus.


Rory McIlroy Broke Up With Caroline Wozniacki Over An Unflattering Twitpic

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Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory McIlroy have reportedly broken up over an unauthorized Twitpic of McIlroy sleeping. Whoops!


Rory McIlroy vs. A Trash Talking Golf Robot In A Washing Machine Hitting Contest. Who Ya Got?


To help promote the PGA European Tour, Rory McIlroy took on a shit-talking "Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine" to see which one was better at driving balls into freestanding washing machines.


Rory McIlroy And Caroline Wozniacki Are In Love. In Awkward, Awkward Love

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Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki are in love, and they aren't afraid to show it.


Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy Star In Awesome New Nike Ad

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Leave it to Nike to roll out the carpet for an exceptional marketing campaign.


You Probably Don't Want To Know What's In That Cup, Rory


When Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy hit the range, no cup is safe.


Tiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy: No Cup is Safe


Tiger welcomes Rory to the Nike Golf team with a clever new ad.


Caroline Wozniacki Sells Underwear By Being Caroline Wozniacki In Underwear

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Back in June, Danish tennis fox Caroline Wozniacki announced that she was launching her own line of signature underwear, because sometimes people earn a lot of money and want to make a little more, so underwear, right.


Rory McIlroy Is Not Dating A Swedish Nanny

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That soreness in your throat is probably from the golfing world trying to force-feed you gratuitous helpings of US Open champ Rory McIlroy.


6.20 The Cooler

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Aneta Clarke Rory McIlroy Isn't the Next Tiger Woods [Bleacher Report] 8 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Cleaner Than the Cloud [DMN] Is Lil’ Kim Joining G-Unit.

The Masters

Rory McIlroy Is Back In The Lead


Despite blowing his lead at the Masters last weekend, 21-year old Rory McIlroy is back in the swing of things *punches self in nuts* leading after almost two rounds at the Malaysian Open.

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