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There’s Still No Snitching In The Red Band Trailer For Chris Rock’s ‘Top Five’

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Chris Rock and Co. are vulgar and hilarious in the new NSFW trailer for his upcoming comedy 'Top Five.'

chris rock

Chris Rock Just Doesn’t Feel Funny Anymore In The Trailer For ‘Top Five’

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Written, directed by and starring Chris Rock, 'Top Five' tells the story of an A-list actor trying to be funny again.


Marvel And Netflix Finally Revealed ‘Daredevil’ At New York Comic-Con

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Marvel and Netflix finally unveiled 'Daredevil' at New York Comic-Con, with a first-look at the costume.


Marvel Exec Slams Ben Affleck’s ‘Daredevil’ While Talking About Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

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Marvel's Head of Television Jeph Loeb explains what the 'Daredevil' TV series won't be taking any cues from.


The New Shortlist For The Female Lead On ‘True Detective Season 2′ Has Had A Major Downgrade (No Offense)

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Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams have been pushed to the backburner, as more actresses are getting callbacks for 'True Detective.'


Jessica Alba Looked Fantastic At The ‘Sin City’ Comic-Con Panel

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Jessica Alba looked great during the 'Sin City' panel at Comic-Con, making you almost forget that there was a movie to promote.


‘Daredevil’ Finds A Love Interest With Rosario Dawson

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'Daredevil' has a love interest who Marvel refuses to name!


Watch As Rosario Dawson’s Vagina Project From Burning Man Mesmerizes Andy And Conan


Rosario Dawson details her brain wrinkling vagina project from Burning Man on 'Conan.'

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Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2013, In Excruciating Pun Form

By | 68 Comments

Mr. Skin announces his top 10 nude scenes of 2013, in excruciating pun form.


Review: Trance, an art film about art, and pubic hair

By | 22 Comments

I applaud Trance for being perhaps the only movie I've seen to date that uses vagina hair as macguffin (macmuffin.


Netflix Instant Theater: ‘Fire With Fire’

By | 21 Comments

Welcome to our new weekly feature, Netflix Instant Theater, in which Vince, myself and some very special guests will select a Netflix Instant movie to watch and review for you each week.


James McAvoy finally opens up about Rosario Dawson’s pubes

By | 50 Comments

Here's a bit of late-breaking news for you today, the kind of pube story I drop everything in order to cover.


5.2 The Cooler

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DJ Khaled's Tour Bus Explodes [Hip-Hop Wired] Did Rosario Dawson Upgrade Her Lady Lumps.


Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, and Michael Madsen Returning To Sin City

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Companion birds and lovably batsh-t actors: a perfect match.


Ten Year Has A Clip About C-Tate’s Whip

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As Channing Tatum has built himself into the hardest working man in show business, the one film that has had people talking around the grape drank cooler is Ten Year, the story of a group of friends who get together for their high school reunion and reflect on life.

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Rosario Dawson Reveals Her Love For Planking To Jimmy Kimmel


Some people can be forgiven for being late to the planking party, or any party for that matter.

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5.27 The Cooler

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Jasmine Calle Hangover 2 Review: Pretty Good For A Monkey-Sploitation Picture [Film Drunk] Cops Suspended After Lapdance [CNN] Eve Wants Lil Kim To End The Beef With Nicki Minaj [SOHH] DMX To Be Released From Prison By Summer [Al Lindstrom] Air Jordan 2.


Being Paul Rudd Looks Awesome

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Rosario Dawson, Paul Rudd, and Eva Mendes at the Independent Spirit Awards.


12.17 The Cooler

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Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Is Having Twins [AP] Tyler Perry Snubbed By Screen Actors Guild [The Urban Daily] Top TV Nude Scenes in 2010 [WarmingGlow] The 7 Lamest "Tron: Legacy" Products [Complex] Ke$ha Now Islam’s #1 Target [Celeb Jihad] Wells Fargo Promises to Be [...].

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