Tom Arnold Finally Revealed What Happened After His Crazy Twitter Fight With Roseanne

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Tom Arnold revealed that shortly after his Twitter fight with Roseanne, his ex-wife came to him for script advice.


Roseanne Barr And Her Television Kids Adorably Reunited On ‘The Talk’

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For Roseanne Barr's 62nd birthday, she was reunited with her television family (sans John Goodman) on 'The Talk.'


The Full Story Behind The Terribly Weird Final Season Of ‘Roseanne’

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Curious about why "Roseanne" turned into a weird mess in its ninth and final season? Here's the full explanation.

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Roseanne Barr Claims That George Clooney Hung A Picture Of His Dick On The ‘Roseanne’ Set Refrigerator

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We've never wanted to believe anything as much as we want to believe that George Clooney hung his dick on the 'Roseanne' refrigerator.


Just Because, Here Are 8 Ridiculous GIFs Of Celebs’ Wacky Vines

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Enjoy these GIFs of the best (err worst) Vine videos uploaded by celebs.


The 20 Best Jokes From The Roast Of Roseanne

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A collection of the best jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne, from Amy Schumer, Jane Lynch, Jeff Ross, and more.


Jeff Ross Went To Roseanne’s Comedy Central Roast Dressed As Joe Paterno

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Jeff Ross, who comes out of hibernation once a year to make an appearance on Comedy Central, attended Roseanne's Roast yesterday dressed as former-Penn State coach Joe Paterno


The 15 Most Promising Shows of the 2012 Pilot Season

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I couldn't tell you how many pilots have been announced so far during this pilot season -- 40.


Not Roseanne! TV Personalities People Are Hoping Will Die in 2012

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This past weekend, Dick Tufeld, who provided the voice of the robot on “Lost in Space,” passed away at the age of 85.

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NBC Picks Up More Pilots that No One Will Watch

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NBC, which placed 8th in the ratings last Thursday during "The Firm" (behind even Univision) has picked up several new pilots in an effort to dig itself out of its years' long hole.


Warming Glow’s Guide to Celebrity Impersonators You Can Hire on the Internet

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That jovial, rednecked fellow you see above is not Larry the Cable Guy; it's an impersonator who "not only looks like Larry the Cable Guy, he has captured the entertainer's voice and mannerisms, as well.


Lifetime Cancels ‘Roseanne’s Nuts’

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Sad news for fans of reality TV shows about macadamia nut farming: Lifetime has canceled "Roseanne's Nuts," on account of nobody on the planet having any desire to watch Roseanne Barr in Hawaii.


Ha Ha, They Said ‘Nuts’

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Way back in February, I maxed out the Childish Double Entendre Machine while writing about Lifetime's new reality show focusing on Roseanne Barr's new life as a macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii.


Roseanne Barr Is Coming Back to TV

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Roseanne Barr is coming back to TV in our nation's most treasured art form: the reality show.



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Roseanne Barr -- the grating, overweight comic whose popularity proves that no one had taste in the '90s -- is looking at a return to scripted primetime television, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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