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Jon Stewart Was Stephen Colbert’s Guest Last Night And Of Course It Turned Into An Adorable Lovefest


Less about Stewart's new film and more about busting balls, telling inside jokes, and being unable to hide how much these two love each other.

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Jon Stewart Talked About Eventually Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ On NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’

By | 23 Comments

Jon Stewart spoke about his eventual exit from 'The Daily Show' in an interview with NPR, but what happens to the show when he goes?


British Genie John Oliver Hijacked A Special Episode Of ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

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In which Jon Stewart summons John Oliver to help him with an all-'Rosewater' episode of "The Daily Show."

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Sean Hannity: Jon Stewart ‘Has His Head So Far Up Obama’s Ass He Cannot See Clearly’

By | 42 Comments

Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity just took their war of words to several new levels.


TIFF And Fantastic Fest Wrap-Up: The Lightning Round!

By | 19 Comments

We saw lots of films at TIFF and Fantastic Fest. Here's the rundown, all in one place!


The First Trailer for Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater’ Is Here, And It’s . . . Better Than Everything Else

By | 40 Comments

You have to love the trailer for Jon Stewart's 'Rosewater' (as much as you can love anything about the extended torture of an innocent man).

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Your First Look At Jon Stewart’s Directorial Debut, ‘Rosewater,’ Coming In November

By | 9 Comments

This November, we'll find out if Jon Stewart is as good at directing movies as he is at making fun of CNN.


Jon Stewart taking an 12-week hiatus to direct a movie. Whaa?

By | 18 Comments

That's right, Jon Stewart is going to be a film director.

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