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angry birds stella

‘Angry Birds Stella’ Hopes You Really Like Birds

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'Angry Birds Stella': This time they're female. No, we will not sink to a joke about how they're chicks. We're classy here.


Of Course There’s Going To Be An Angry Birds Movie

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With all of the Angry Birds spin-off products and ridiculous properties made into movies it shouldn't surprise us that an Angry Birds movie is in the works.

Bad Piggies

The Pigs From 'Angry Birds' Are Getting Their Own Game

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Here's the first gameplay footage of Angry Birds spin-off "Bad Piggies"...

angry birds space

'Angry Birds Space' Downloaded Ten Million Times In Three Days

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I had no idea people were still into Angry Birds so much that a new version of it would garner <a href="">10 million downloads in a single weekend</a>.

Crappy Merchandise

10 Terrible Pieces of Merchandise Angry Birds is Pushing Its Luck With This Christmas


I'm starting to get more than a bit tired of seeing Angry Birds everywhere.


Report: Angry Birds Is Destroying The U.S. Economy


When a report came out a few days ago detailing how <a href="">Americans spend roughly 53 billion minutes per month</a> dicking around on Facebook -- consuming approximately 23% of the total time people in this country spend online -- I thought, "Hmmm.

forcible edutainment

Teachers To Ruin Fun, Teach Physics with ‘Angry Birds’


I'm just going to come right out and admit that the "Angry Birds" fad is utterly baffling to me.


Angry Birds Coming To Facebook (and other news)


Angry Birds has already spawned a <a href="../2011/01/the-next-hot-tv-show-angry-birds">TV show</a> and an <a href="../2011/02/want-to-see-a-playable-angry-birds-cake">awesome cake</a> and a <a href="../2011/01/finally-an-angry-birds-game-for-everyone-who-hates-video-games">table game</a> and a console game in development, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook got their paws onto it somehow, like a <a href="../2011/03/batcat-is-the-hero-gammasquad-deserves">puppy with an ice cube</a>.


Sign of the apocalypse: movies based on iPhone games

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I've already reported on planned movie adaptations of board games, arcade games, Today's canoe is Angry Birds, an iPhone game from Finland's Rovio that boasts 6.

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