‘Ant-Man’ Loses Yet Another Director

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'Ant-Man' loses another director. We're not ruling out the idea that it's cursed at this point.

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Warner Is Serious About That ‘Spy Hunter’ Adaptation


Warner has hired a writer for their adaptation 1983 video game 'Spy Hunter', the game with the oil slicks and earworm music.


Gangster Squad Review: M'Yeah, see, don't think too hard, see!

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The opening title card of Gangster Squad says "inspired by a true story," which is pretty funny, considering the movie immediately following it is Sin City meets Young Guns in the form of a Jimmy Cagney parody.


Friday Trailers: Gangster Squad & Zero Dark Thirty

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Two new big trailers released last night/today, Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty and Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad.

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The ‘Zombieland’ Guy Signs To Do A ‘Spy Hunter’ Movie

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Vulture reports Ruben Fleischer ('Gangster Squad', 'Zombieland') has signed with Warner to adapt the 1983 Bally Midway video game 'Spy Hunter'.

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WB delays Gangster Squad, possibly until 2013

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We already knew WB was reshooting Gangster Squad to take out the scene where the characters shoot people in a theater out of respect to the Aurora shooting victims, now it seems that reshoot is going to delay the movie, originally scheduled for September 7th, possibly until 2013.

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Warner removing gun in theater scene from Gangster Squad in wake of shooting

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Remember what I said this morning about empty gestures in the aftermath of the Aurora shootings.

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'Gangster Squad' Looks Badass, Introduces us to 40s Gangster Baby Goose

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No one was really sure what to think about Gangster Squad after the release date got "Mmm'yeah, dame, you look like you could use a hug, see.


The Director of 30 Minutes or Less is Full of Sh*t

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From the first minute I heard about it, I (like most people, I imagine) assumed that 30 Minutes or Less, the new film opening this weekend in which Jesse Eisenberg plays a pizza boy who gets a bomb strapped to him by kidnappers and ordered to rob a bank, had been inspired by the real-life collar bomb case from 2003.


New 30 Min or Less trailer has explosions and BJs.

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30 Minutes or Less is a comedy from Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, and Nick Swardson, based on the real-life collar bomb case from 2003.

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Gangster Squad Now 100% More Rugged???

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Question marks in the headline mean only one thing: EjacuSpeculation time.


30 Minutes Or Less Looks Awesome

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Ruben Fleischer made his directorial debut with the 2009 zombie comedy Zombieland and his second effort, 30 Minutes or Less has a new red band trailer, and I think it may be safe to say that Ruben and I are going to be great friends.


Butter Sculpting & Aziz Ansari: a Black List scripts update

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The Black List is a list of Hollywood's best unproduced scripts as voted on by executives.

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Jew Zombie Killers Can't Hump: A Zombieland Review Zombieland is a road movie about two of the last survivors of the zombie plague, who don't really have anywhere to go.

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