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Australian Pulls His Penis Out During Live News Broadcast, Flops It Around For Good Measure

By | 8 Comments

An excited South Sydney Rabbitohs fan took the celebration of his team's title a little too far, pulling out his penis on live television.


Watch This Naked Woman Interrupt Play And Avoid Security During A Rugby Championship

By | 12 Comments

This female streaker somehow made it the length of the field before getting absolutely demolished by security.


The Wiggles Wrote A Glorious Song About The U.S. Rugby League World Cup Team

By | 16 Comments

After the U.S. Tomahawks pulled off huge wins over Cook Islands and South Wales in the rugby World Cup, the Wiggles recorded a tribute to them.


Celebrate Anthony Watts, The Penis-Biting Rugby League Player

By | 3 Comments

Rugby player Anthony Watts is under investigation for his role in, uh, biting another man's penis. Because rugby is aggressive and weird.


Carlin Isles Is The Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson Of Rugby

By | 10 Comments

Carlin Isles "first caught the attention of the rugby media in summer of 2012 when Rugby Mag dubbed him 'The Fastest Man in American Rugby.


With Leather’s Watch This: Some Rugby Bros Lip Synced ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

By | 3 Comments

At first I was super bummed that this video didn’t feature this car full of rugby bros actually singing the Guns N Roses/Sheryl Crow classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” but instead lip syncing to the hilarious scene in Step Brothers, in which Adam Scott directs his family in a spectacular rendition.


And Now, A Rugby DDT

By | 12 Comments

Rugby Banter Page's only context for this clip is "can't stop watching this.


Here’s Video Of One Violent Rugby Hit Worth Watching A Few Times

By | 17 Comments

Pay attention to international athletics enough and you start to realize that, hey, maybe there are more violent sports out there than football.


Meet Ruslan Casey, The Jadeveon Clowney Of Rugby (And The Morning Links)

By | 7 Comments

I'm sure every rugby hit is the hardest rugby hit ever, but I'm officially giving the title of Rugby Jadeveon Clowney to St.


The Rules Of Rugby, As Explained By Semi-Naked, Oiled-Up Ladies

By | 3 Comments

These are supposedly the rules of rugby, but they're all wrong.


Boom, Rugby Headshot

By | 4 Comments

The following hilariously-accurate, beer-spilling headshot took place on Tuesday at a rugby game.


Playing Rugby With A Ruptured Testicle And Then Joking About It? That’s Grizzled

By | 9 Comments

I have a running list of types of injuries that just sound horrible to me, and right at the top is a ruptured testicle.


Rugby Spectator Headshot


A rugby spectator gets drilled in the head as he comes out of the tunnel after retrieving some drinks.


The Only Guy Who Can Run Your Underwear Up A Flagpole Without Removing Them

By | 4 Comments

Zimbabwean-born rugby union player Tendai Mtawarira is nicknamed "Beast", and if you need validation of that nickname please consult this clip of him hoisting Sharks teammate Anton Bresler into the air to make a catch, then holding him there by his shorts so he doesn't fall over backwards.


Jharal Yow Yeh's Horrifying Ankle Injury: At Least Your Monday Will Be Better Than His

By | 2 Comments

Jharal Yow Yeh: the Brisbane Broncos player who gets injured in this video, and the noise you make when you land wrong and snap your ankle so badly that a sock is the only thing keeping us from seeing your leg guts.


Peter Dinklage name-dropped a dwarf-tossing victim at Golden Globes

By | 28 Comments

When Peter Dinklage collected his well-deserved Golden Globe for his work on Game of Thrones, after taking the stage (I still say he should've walked along the tops of everyone's heads like Crocodile Dundee), he mentioned "a gentleman in England I’m thinking about, Martin Henderson.


The Logistics Of Having A Gay Stroke

By | 16 Comments

I need you to understand that headline.


And Rugby Is Now The Greatest Sport Ever

By | 7 Comments

If anyone ever complained that we don’t feature enough rugby stories here, I would explain that it’s because we don’t get rugby and therefore don’t like writing about it.


The Fight To See Which Team Is Manly


Anderson Silva defeated Yushin Okami at UFC 134 without even really trying, but the weekend's best fight took place in Australia on Friday night between the Melbourne Storm and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles.

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