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Who Will Be The Female Lead In ‘Entourage’? Kate Upton, Maybe

By | 17 Comments

According to an unconfirmed report, Kate Upton might be up for the female lead in the Entourage movie.


Adam Driver from Girls is up for Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman

By | 38 Comments

According to reports, Girls star and former Marine Adam Driver is up for Nightwing in Superman vs. Batman, opposite Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Weirdest cast ever?


‘Saw VIII’ Is Happening Because Why On Earth Wouldn’t It?

By | 21 Comments

Despite the fact that it has been three years since Saw 3D was in theaters, Lionsgate is reportedly planning Saw VIII.


Katie Holmes Might Play Sexy Cougar Elena Lincoln In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 26 Comments

Despite only being 34, Katie Holmes reportedly wants to play the 'Mrs. Robinson-type' Elena Lincoln in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.


‘Super Troopers 2′ Will Begin Shooting Before The End Of The Year

By | 39 Comments

The members of Broken Lizard confirmed that Super Troopers 2 is a done deal with Fox and filming will begin soon.

Ant Man

The 'Ant-Man' Rumors About Paul Rudd And Rashida Jones Get Even More Awesome

By | 19 Comments

The rumors about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie gain more steam, and we want to believe.


Ben Kingsley working on “secret” Marvel project. So… The Mandarin?

By | 59 Comments

While he was out promoting his <a href="" target="_blank">face-tat</a> movie <a href="" target="_blank">Ender's Game</a>, our homeboy Special K teabagged us with a juicy tidbit about a "secret Marvel project" that he's working on.

Ant Man

Awesome Rumor Of The Day: Rashida Jones And Paul Rudd May Reunite For ‘Ant-Man’

By | 13 Comments

A questionable source shared an awesome rumor that we're hoping is true about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie.


Marvel Wants To Take Over Cable Next

By | 45 Comments

Marvel has broadcast TV sewn up... and now it's time to see what Marvel can do on cable.


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Coming To The PC Early Next Year? Bring On The Mods!


We have good news for the 600,000 people who signed a petition asking Rockstar Games to make a version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' for the PC.

ass kickings

Did Shia LaBeouf Get His Ass Kicked In London For Filming A Puking Girl???

By | 22 Comments

Notice that I’ve used not one, not two, but THREE question marks to ask the question in this headline, as this is a post about something that is being reported by a questionable source, and I’m less-inclined to believe that it’s true.


Was Sylvester Stallone Attacked By Wild Boars On The Set Of ‘The Expendables 3′? (Update: No, probably not)

By | 17 Comments

In news that might not actually be true [see below for update] but is just too good to pass up, <a href="" target="_blank">a Bulgarian news website</a> has apparently reported that while scouting locations for upcoming scene shoots for The Expendables 3, Sylvester Stallone and the crew were attacked by a pack of wild boars, or a sounder if you will.


Arnold Schwarzenegger To Attack Planet Catsex In ‘Avatar 2′?

By | 2 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger rumored to be reuniting with director James Cameron to play the villain in 'Avatar 2', a movie title Schwarzenegger can't pronounce.

Captain Marvel

Marvel Wants A Female-Led Superhero Film, Katee Sackhoff Possibly Considered

By | 14 Comments

Marvel may want Katee Sackhoff to play a superhero in a movie filming next year, and here's one female superhero they're interested in.


Important Late-Breaking News: Kurt Russell Might Be Joining 'Fast And Furious 7'

By | 17 Comments

I don’t know if there’s any validity to this, but I like to think that The Expendables and Fast and Furious franchises are having one big pissing contest over which of them can keep adding the bigger names in action movie stardom.


Jax Teller Might Be The New Favorite For The Lead In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 13 Comments

Set to be released in theaters and loins less than a year from now, <a href="" target="_blank">the big screen adaptation</a> of SnowQueen IceDragon’s smash hit Fifty Shades of Grey still doesn’t have stars.


Simon Pegg Is Batman, Pokes Fun At The Ant-Man Kerfuffle

By | 10 Comments

Simon Pegg has responded in the awesomest way to rumors about his Twitter pictures.


Believable Rumor: Fox Offered Hugh Jackman $100 Million To Keep Playing Wolverine

By | 13 Comments

In a headline so bold that it features all capital letters, a question mark and an exclamation point, <a href="" target="_blank">the National Enquirer “reported” last Friday</a> that there’s a hot new rumor buzzing about Fox’s X-Men franchise and arguably the most important piece – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Vin Diesel Hints He’s Voicing Groot In ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

By | 23 Comments

Vin Diesel shared a new cover photo of Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot with his 43 million (!) followers on his delightfully strange Facebook page.


Johnny Manziel Is Under Investigation By The NCAA Because Of Sources

By | 6 Comments

ESPN’s number muncher and Playboy Playmate judge, jury and executioner Darren “Sh*t Biscuit” Rovell and someone named Justine Gubar, who probably has far less Twitter followers than Rovell, have <a href="" target="_blank">the scoop of the century</a>, you guys.

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