The Running Of The Bulls Is Underway At The San Fermin Festival In Spain

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The first day of the San Fermin Festival began with the Running of the Bulls, and four people were treated for minor injuries while no gores were reported.


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I tried to find a picture of a bull standing triumphantly in the streets of Pamplona with a bunch of dead, trampled people and some destroyed buildings in the background, but apparently that never happens, and it's just about 50,000 people herding an animal to a stadium where it's stabbed in the neck repeatedly until it dies, and then a guy dressed like a figure skater celebrates like he accomplished something difficult.


Bulls on Parade: A Heartwarming Gallery from the 2011 Running of the Bulls

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Yesterday marked the start of the 2011 Running of the Bulls, the most popular part of the seven-day festival of Sanfermines in honor of San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain.

running of the bulls


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With <a href=",23599,24019733-23109,00.html" target="_blank">45 people who totally had it coming getting hurt </a>in the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain, for once a similar event in New Orleans looked relatively free of violence.

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