Aziz Ansari Mocked Rupert Murdoch For What He Had To Say About Muslims


After reading what Rupert Murdoch had to say about Muslims on Twitter, Aziz Ansari returned the favor by roasting him.


J.K. Rowling Eviscerated Rupert Murdoch’s Anti-Muslim Tweets


J.K. Rowling took issue with Rupert Murdoch's recent tweets on the Paris terrorist attacks, particularly his thoughts on Muslims.


Christian Bale Defends ‘Exodus: Gods And Kings’ White-Washed Casting


Christian Bale is more tactful than Ridley Scott and Rupert Murdoch, shockingly.


Rupert Murdoch Took To Twitter To Address The ‘Exodus’ Race Controversy In The Worst Way Possible


Rupert Murdoch attempts to defend the casting choices for 'Exodus: God And Kings' and manages to make things seem even worse.

george clooney

George Clooney Will Direct Some Probably Award-Winning Film About The UK Phone Hacking Scandal


George Clooney plans to direct a movie about a big scary scandal that rocked a small dying empire.

rupert murdoch

The Hollyweird Legal Round Up: Chris Brown’s Fake Community Service and Rupert Murdoch’s Divorce


In this week's Hollyweird Legal Round-Up, FilmDrunk's legal correspondent takes on Chris Brown, Rupert Murdoch, and all the scum fit to bag.


Rupert Murdoch And Fox Are Launching A New 24/7 Sports Network To Compete With ESPN


For years now ESPN has had a virtual monopoly on sports, despite sucking intensely. Hopefully Fox Sports 1 will change that.


Rupert Murdoch-Owned British Tabloid Just Discovering Internet's Obsession With Cats

I swear to you this is not a joke -- The Sun, a trashy tabloid Rupert Murdoch has used to swing elections in the UK, is apparently just catching wind of this whole cats/internet thing.


1.24 The Cooler


Jasmin Rodriguez A Legacy Obscured: The Lesson of Joe Paterno [Time] FleshliPad, The F**kable iPad, Inches Humanity Closer To Extinction [FilmDrunk] Did Rihanna & Karrueche Almost Come To Blows At A Hollywood Nightclub.


Rupert Murdoch Joins Twitter, Sends Media Nerds Into Frenzy


Yesterday, real-life Bond villain Rupert Murdoch -- the man responsible for unleashing Fox News and the phone hack-y New of the World upon humanity -- popped up on Twitter, as did his young, Asian wife, the famously feisty Wendi Deng, apparently (Or maybe not).

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Mick Jagger To Portray Rupert Murdoch In Film, Sadly


I'm not sure what Mick Jagger-related incidents I'm more disturbed by this morning: the fact that I woke up with Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" in my head, or the news that Mick Jagger is set to portray a character based on News Corp overlord Rupert Murdoch in a new film called, Tabloid.

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Ex-NOTW Employee Wore Harry Potter Costume To Work, Changed Name To Harry Potter To Appease Boss

In the wake of News Corp shutting down New Of The World over the hacking scandal, many disgruntled former employees are speaking out, detailing how poisonous to the soul it was to work there under embattled former editor Rebekah Brooks.


Predictably, Jon Stewart Had Some Fun With The News Of The World Hearings Last Night

If you guessed that the Daily Show would have some fun last night with the hilarious and riveting Murdoch/News of the World hearings that took place in the British Parliament with its "vowel-shaped furniture" yesterday, well you win a cookie, I guess -- but it didn't take a genius to figure out that arguably the biggest thorn in Fox News' side would spend a considerable about of time lampooning the guy who heads its parent corporation.

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Rupert Murdoch Takes Pie to the Face


The big news thing today is Rupert Murdoch's hearing before British Parliament, where the billionaire media tycoon under fire for the News of the World wire-tapping scandal was hit in the face with a pie by a comedian who goes by the name Jonnie Marbles (pictured).

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Internet Comedian Named ‘Jonnie Marbles’ Delivers Pie To Rupert Murdoch’s Face (UPDATED)

If you haven't been watching the hearing in which News Corp's Rupert and James Murdoch are being grilled by members of the British Parliament over the News of the World phone hacking scandal, then you're seriously missing out.

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Did Hugh Grant Help Bring Down News Of The World?

As evidenced by the pic of him partying with college girls at right, British romantic comedy person Hugh Grant is a man of many talents.


After 168 Years, News Of The World Is No More

Tell News of the World about the rabbits, Rupert.


The Crazy At Fox News Starts At The Top

Few people have been able to infiltrate Fox News' Kremlin-like gates of secrecy to report anything about the right-wing message machine's inner workings, but New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman has somehow managed to do so, first last year with a lengthy profile of News Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch, and again this week with a massive piece on how Roger Ailes -- the Jabba the Hut-looking former Republican media strategist who created Fox News and still rules over it with an iron fist -- and Fox News are destroying the Republican party.

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