Larry Bird On Russell Westbrook: ‘I Hope He Wins 10 MVPs In A Row’

Though his wardrobe hardly suggests it, Russell Westbrook is old-school. The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar plays basketball with a relentless anger that marked the NBA's rise to national prominence in the 1980s and sustained it through the decade thereafter.


Chasing The Game: Kevin Love On The NCAA Paying Athletes, ‘Quieting’ The Cavs Hoopla And More


After speaking to Kevin Love, it's clear the media won't take him away from "'chasing the game" he holds so dear. Plus, the NCAA, Westbrook and more...


Another Day, Another Ridiculous Russell Westbrook Triple Double

Russell Westbrook's latest triple double confirms our suspicions that he's struck some sort of Faustian bargain with the Basketball Gods.


Truly An Original, Russell Westbrook ‘Didn’t Watch Much Basketball Growing up’

Russ was honored when Allen Iverson called himself the biggest Westbrook fan out there, but he didn't watch AI -- or anyone -- growing up.


Russell Westbrook Messed Around And Got Another Triple-Double In A Win Over The Hawks

It's Westbrook's ninth triple-double in his last 30 games. "Freakin' everyway like MJ" -- only Jordan has put up more triple-doubles in a 30-game stretch.


Allen Iverson: ‘I’m The Biggest [Russell] Westbrook Fan There Is’

Despite the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar putting up monster numbers while keeping his team in playoff contention despite a season-long rash of injuries, Westbrook remains as divisive a player as basketball knows. But another future Hall-of-Famer with a relatively similar playing style is firmly the in the 25 year-old's corner.


Russell Westbrook’s Ferocious Dunk Almost Broke the Camera On The Backboard

Russell Westbrook didn't have his shot going against the Boston Celtics. The difference between the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard and so many other superstars, though, is that Westbrook can still dominate despite not playing his best.


Watch Russell Westbrook Dominate Down The Stretch To Beat The Bulls

Russ doing his Russ thing to beat the Bulls on ABC today. Watch him take over in the final minutes of the tight game.


Russell Westbrook Definitely, Definitely Threw Himself A Lob Off The Backboard Tonight

We wouldn't get give most players benefit of the doubt here. It's not an uncommon occurrence for a ballhandler to try a wild attempt with the shot clock winding down, of course. But Russell Westbrook? The "freakiest of freaks?"

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul Dominates Russell Westbrook And Says Lack Of MVP Cred ‘Don’t Matter’

The collective defense of the Clippers forced Westbrook into a season-high 10 turnovers and CP3 added 33 points in a win. What MVP…


Scott Brooks Says Russell Westbrook Isn’t Just A Freak, But ‘The Freakiest Of Freaks’

During a discussion with ESPN's Heather Cox in advance of Wednesday's nationally televised matchup between the Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers, Brooks went a step further than calling Westbrook just a "freak."

Steven Adams

Watch The Thunder’s Mitch McGary and Steven Adams Bust A Move At Practice

The Thunder are know for their complex pre-game handshake routine. Mitch McGary and Steve Adams prove that they got dance moves, as well.

#Kevin Durant

Hearsay: The Thunder Could Trade Kevin Durant Next Season, But It’s Extremely Unlikely


Kevin Durant has the option to become a free agent in summer 2016. Due to rules of the current CBA giving max-level players financial incentive to test the open market as opposed to signing extensions with incumbent teams, the reigning MVP will surely exercise it.


We’re Running Out Of Ways To Describe Russell Westbrook’s Greatness


Russell Westbrook's latest triple-double puts him in some elite, historic company.


Russell Westbrook On His Crunch-Time Airball Against Bulls: ‘I Should Have Passed It To Serge [Ibaka]’


Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook was his typically dominant self against the Chicago Bulls last night, tallying 43 points, eight boards, and seven dimes. But he slowed down in the fourth quarter following a brilliant third stanza, shooting 2-of-9 from the field and failing to notch an assist.

#Chicago Bulls

Chicago’s E’Twaun Moore Spoils Another Big Night From Russell Westbrook With A Late Game-Winner

Russell Westbrook might be the MVP, but he still isn't the defender his unreal blend of physical gifts and maniacal intensity suggests. Case in point: E'Twaun Moore's game-winning jumper in the Chicago Bulls' 108-105 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.


All Five Chicago Bulls Are Helpless To Stop Russell Westbrook In Transition

Westbrook catches the ball below the opponent's free throw line and several feet behind Pau Gasol. He's past the Spanish superstar after one dribble, and ready to attack Tony Snell and Kirk Hinrch on the opposite three-point line following one more bounce. Russ gets his shoulder past Snell's with an easy easy hesitation dribble, then uses one more before exploding so quickly that Nikola Mirotic and Mike Dunleavy can't get effective contests.

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