Kevin Durant Vs. The Media Is Just Another Battle In The Ongoing War


The media and the athletes they cover continue to rage war against one another.

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Confident Steph Curry Tries To Convince Russell Westbrook To Throw Him Alley-Oop

Steve Kerr's brilliant strategy worked to perfection during the West's 163-158 victory over the East in Sunday's All-Star Game from Madison Square Garden. Having said that, we still wish the Golden State Warriors coach could have lightened up a bit and allowed Steph Curry and MVP Russell Westbrook to have some fun.


Russell Westbrook Never Changing Means A Nearly Record-Breaking All-Star MVP Performance


Russell Westbrook is an All-Star Game conundrum. His breakneck speed and otherworldly explosiveness are perfectly suited for the free-flowing style of the midseason classic, but his ever-burning motor flies in the face of the contest’s casual competitive nature.


Watch Russell Westbrook Scrape His Head On Backboard During His Alley-Oop Jam

Russell Westbrook isn't human. Watch him shake off hitting his head on the backboard during a particularly ferocious alley-oop dunk.


Russell Westbrook On His Basketball Mindset: ‘Kill’


The proverbial "killer instinct" is a tired NBA trope. We're not even exactly sure what it is, and know that superstars who are often described as lacking it somehow manage to thrive nonetheless. But despite the cliché and its lazy narrative scope, it's safe to say that Russell Westbrook embodies it better than any other player – and he certainly seems to agree.


Russell Westbrook On Refusing Dunk Contest Invites: ‘I Only Dunk On People’

"All the Dunk Contest needs is superstars!" It's a common sentiment, and one we don't necessarily disagree with. Whether All-Star Saturday's marquee event can ever be restored to its former glory or not, we certainly mind watching an athlete of Russell Westbrook's unique caliber participating. But the Oklahoma City Thunder's ultra-dynamic point guard has refused every invitation he's received. Considering his sound and typically awesome reasoning behind that long-standing choice, though, it's easy to see why Westbrook chooses to sit on the dunk-off sidelines.


The Top 10 NBA All-Star Game Dunks Of All Time


Ranking the best in-game high fliers in NBA All-Star history, including Dr. J, MJ and more.


GIFs: Tyreke Evans Finds Anthony Davis For Clutch Alley-Oop In Win Over OKC

Another one of the many, many benefits of playing with Anthony Davis: guards can throw lobs almost anywhere.


Jordan Brand Unveils Special “Pearl Pack” For All-Star Weekend

To commemorate 30 years of Jordan Brand this upcoming All-Star weekend, the company founded by His Airness is releasing a special pinnacle performance collection, called simply "The Pearl Pack.


Video: Russell Westbrook Ties Career-High With 45 In Win Over Pelicans

The Oklahoma City Thunder entered into Wednesday night’s match against the New Orleans Pelicans looking for momentum to lift them after their recent skid losing four out of their last six.


Watch Jeff Teague Strip Russell Westbrook For Dagger Jam

The Atlanta Hawks have been playing some phenomenal basketball in the past couple months, running away with the best record in the East and surprising most fans along the way.

#Chris Paul

Charles Barkley: “Chris Paul Doesn’t Deserve To Make The All-Star Team”


We love Charles Barkley, but far more for the glory of his past playing days past and overall gregarious nature.


Video: Russell Westbrook’s Game-Winning Layup With 0.8 Seconds Left

We mentioned this briefly last night, but it bears repeating: Russell Westbrook played Moses in the last few seconds of OKC's 105-103 OT win in Washington, parting the Wizards defensive Red Sea for the game-winning layup with just 0.


Isiah Thomas Calls Russell Westbrook “The Mike Tyson Of Point Guards”

Just as important to Russell Westbrook's game as his unrivaled physical profile is the approach he takes to wielding it.


Ernie Johnson Asks Russell Westbrook About Execution & “Do You Like Us?”

In case you missed it, Russell Westbrook recently told the Oklahoman's Berry Tramel — who has been critical of Westbrook in print — "I don't like you.


GIF: Airborne Westbrook Throws Over-Shoulder Pass To Perkins For Dunk

This play by the Oklahoma City Thunder looks like something straight out of early 2000s video game NBA Street.


Video: Paul Pierce Mimics Westbrook’s “Execute” Interview In Funky Glasses

The day after Russell Westbrook repeatedly answered reporters with some version of "we executed," Paul Pierce had some fun with the media after his Wizards defeated his former Nets team 99-90 in Brooklyn Saturday night.

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