The Seattle Seahawks Have Apologized For A Controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Tweet

By | 12 Comments

The Seattle Seahawks are celebrating their NFC Championship win with a twitter controversy.


Russell Wilson And An NFL Player Are Maybe Fighting Over An NXT Personality

By | 20 Comments

Are NFL players Russell Wilson and Joseph Fauria feuding over a former NXT backstage interviewer? Looks like it.


This Russell Wilson Scramble And Toss For A First Down Was Completely Insane

By | 17 Comments

Russell Wilson capped off an incredible Monday Night performance with this ridiculous scramble.

Sports Illustrated Cover

Hey There, Mr. Wilson! Russell Wilson’s Penis Makes An Appearance On The Cover Of SI.

By | 10 Comments

That awkward moment when Sports Illustrated featured Russell Wilson's penis on their cover.


No Huddle: Suh’s Hefty Fine, Rob Ryan’s Act Of Kindness, Chip Kelly’s Not Impressed & More

By | 19 Comments

They only play once every Thursday, Sunday or Monday, but the story lines created before, during and after games are more than enough to keep the NFL on America's consciousness throughout the week.


That’s Just Wrong, Internet: It’s Robert Griffin III’s Knee Injury In Meme Form

By | 17 Comments

After I woke up this morning and did a few thousand pushups, I checked my email to find two variations of this joke: Andrew Luck and RG3 walk into a bar.


The With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group: The Promised Land Awaits

By | 29 Comments

Chances are that as you read this you’re either setting your fantasy football lineup for your league’s championship game, or you’re curled up in the fetal position in a puddle of your own filth, wondering how it all went wrong.

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