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A Russian Fighter Jet Repeatedly Buzzed Past The USS Donald Cook In The Black Sea

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Tensions are building in the Black Sea as a Russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed past a US Warship.


Did A Russian TV Show Rip Off The Opening Credits From ‘True Detective’?

By | 7 Comments

In (former) Soviet Russia, detectives true you, and TV shows will allegedly rip off the opening credits of popular American shows.

jimmy fallon

Sarah Palin Took A Break From Her Reality Show To Play Pretend Politician On 'The Tonight Show'

By | 22 Comments

Sarah Palin stopped by The Tonight Show to talk some sense into Vladimir Putin (Jimmy Fallon).


This Short Video Of A Russian Man Clumsily Getting Out Of Bed Explains So Much About Russia


Smashing your head insanely hard, especially first thing in the morning, can't be good for your ability to make rational decisions.


Russian Truck Breaks Down While Hauling Excavator, Driver Employs Hilariously Clever Solution

By | 5 Comments

A truck breaks down on the side of a Russian road, with seemingly no hope of getting the excavator it's hauling to its final destination. Until...


This Skin Care Clinic Was Forced To Close Because Of A Super Unfortunate Name

By | 7 Comments

This company could have probably saved itself a lot of trouble (and, a lot of perverts) by doing just a little bit of research.

Dmitry Kiselyov

Putin's Top Aide Wants You To Know That Tupac Is The Only Thing That Interests Him About The U.S.


Vladimir Putin's top aide Vladislav Surkov laughs at US sanctions, loves Tupac, Ginsberg, and Pollock.


Team USA Defeated Russia For The Gold Medal In Ice Sledge Hockey At The Paralympics

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Led by U.S. Marine and Purple Heart recipient Josh Sweeney, Team USA defeated Russia 1-0 in the gold medal ice sledge hockey game at the Paralympics.


Russia Is Taking The Cold War To A New Level By Giving Leonardo DiCaprio A ‘Russian Oscar’

By | 9 Comments

Russian actors are inviting Leonardo DiCaprio to join their theater troupe by giving him a cast-iron "Russian Oscar" statue.


Check Out This Crazy Russian Monster Truck

By | 3 Comments

No wonder Russians can survive the harsh winters -- they've got their own tricked out monster trucks.


Stephen Colbert Is Here To Educate You On The Difference Between Tyler Perry And ‘The Ukraine’s Ballsack’


Come for Colbert's too short yet still wonderful Madea impersonation, stay for a catch up course on "The Ukraine's ballsack."


Jared Leto's Oscars Acceptance Speech Was Cut Out Of The Russian Broadcast. Was It Because He Mentioned Ukraine?

By | 11 Comments

Jared Leto's Oscars acceptance speech didn't make it to the Russian broadcast. Did he keep it too real?


Russian Anchor Abby Martin Condemns Russian Invasion Of Ukraine In This Brave Video

By | 29 Comments

Russian anchor Abby Martin bravely condemns the military actions of Russia in the Ukraine. Wow, good for her.


Steven Seagal Went On Russian TV And The Way He Pronounces 'Ukraine' May Shock You

By | 44 Comments

Steven Seagal went on Russian TV to explain the Crimea situation, and the way he pronounces "Ukraine" may shock you.


This Might Actually Be The Most Heart-Stopping Russian Dashcam Video Yet

By | 4 Comments

You know what this video needs? More giant trucks spinning out of control.

viral video

Russian Teenager Sets Himself On Fire, Jumps Off Five-Story Building Into A Snowbank. You Know, For Fun.

By | 5 Comments

The Olympics are over. Let's go back to recognizing Russia for insane videos like this.

2014 winter olympics

This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

By | 9 Comments

In this compilation, a Pennsylvania reporter in Sochi for the Winter Olympics is repeatedly asked about Russian food, and he just won't seem to try it.

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