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Russia Is A Bit Behind In The Robot Arms Race

By | 6 Comments

Russia needs better robots, as this clip shows us.

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Quick, Somebody Get This Dog Some Espresso Before It Falls Asleep Sitting Up

By | 3 Comments

Think of the most tired you've ever been; this dog is even more tired.


Why Did Oil Prices Suddenly Tank? An Explainer.

By | 51 Comments

Oil is cheap and thus gas is cheap. But how did we get to $2.13 a gallon from $4 in the summer?


Guy Who Taunts Russian Cat Gets His Sweet Comeuppance

By | 10 Comments

If you're going to be a total douche to a Russian cat, prepare for some deserved feline street justice.


You Will Never Love Anything As Much As This Cat Loves Olives

By | 6 Comments

A cat is faced with a pressing dilemma: sniff the can of olives and go momentarily insane, or ignore the can of olives and remain curious.


The Commercial For Vladimir Putin’s Annual Media Conference Is More Intense Than Most Movie Trailers

By | 4 Comments

Vladimir Putin released a teaser video for his upcoming media conference. It is more intense than most movies.


In Shocking News, Vladimir Putin Is Once Again Russia’s ‘Man Of The Year’

By | 3 Comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again 'Man of the Year,' a title he's held the title for 15 years straight.


This 9-Year-Old Girl Might Be The World’s Youngest Supermodel, If That’s Even Possible

By | 6 Comments

Kristina Pimenova is a 9-year-old from Russia who is being touted as "the most beautiful girl in the world."

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Is Putting On Quite The Show In This Training Video

By | 17 Comments

Elliot Seymour is in a lot of trouble if this Mickey Rourke training session is any indication of how pumped the actor is to fight.

Flight MH17

New Video And Photos Of The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Have Surfaced

By | 5 Comments

Amateur footage reportedly shows Ukrainian villagers reacting just minutes after the plane crashed.


Jim Ross Doesn’t See Why We Should Boo Rusev

By | 46 Comments

Does Rusev deserve the scorn of WWE audience? And more importantly, is Jim Ross a Soviet defector?

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A Porn Star Broke Her Legs After Jumping From A Third Story Window To Escape Two Rapists

By | 19 Comments

To get away from two men doing horrible things to her, Russian porn star Lola Taylor had to jump out a window.


This Cement Truck Falling Through A Hole In The Earth Is Peak Russian Dashcam Video

By | 2 Comments

This Russian dashcam footage of a truck and a sinkhole speaks to man's inherent need to see things fall into large holes.


Jew-Hating Russian Women Are Competing To Be Named ‘Miss Hitler 2014’

By | 30 Comments

Women in Russia are hoping to be named "Miss Hitler 2014," because what the hell is wrong with the world?


This Two-On-One MMA Bout In Russia Has A Most Unexpected Ending

By | 9 Comments

A Russian MMA contest devolved into a 2-on-1 handicap match, and the end result is surprising.


Russia’s First Comic-Con Was Puttin’ On The Ritz This Weekend

By | 16 Comments

Did you wake up this morning thinking you'd see an authentically Russian Black Widow or a Russian Captain America? What a time to be alive.


WWE Is Sorry For Letting A National Flag Hit The Ground. Again.

By | 14 Comments

If you're wondering whether WWE is sorry for the way The Big Show treated the Russian flag, the answer is OF COURSE THEY ARE.

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