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The Ultimate ‘Meanwhile In Russia’ Compilation


The most bizarre clips to ever emerge from Russia, all in one insane video.


How To Move A Car In Russia


You parked just a little too far away from the gas pump. What do you do? If you're in Russia, you do this.


With Leather’s Watch This: These Russian Hockey Stars Have Some Trick Shots, Too


Some of Russia's SKA hockey stars showed off their best trick shots to remind us that they're better than everyone at hockey.

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Here’s Yet Another Reason To Always Keep Your Head Up While Walking Through Russia

By | 6 Comments

A bundled girl trudges through the cold weather with her head down, which is never a safe thing to do in Russia.

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An IOC Member Is Pissed At America For Sending ‘Four Lesbians’ To The Olympics

By | 7 Comments

Italy's Mario Pescante can't believe America would send 'four lesbians' to the Sochi Olympics instead of just letting the media handle the political stuff.


Russian Construction Worker Lights His Cigarette With An Excavator


A Russian construction worker lights his cigarette, with the help of a fire-carrying excavator.


Check Out The Latest Insanely Bad Ass Russian Dash Cam Car Chase

By | 9 Comments

A Russian dash cam video reveals that a 'tough guy' with road rage got a little more than he bargained for when his opponent finally fought back.


Exploding Tire Launches Russian Mechanic Into The Air


This mechanic was lucky to walk (or limp) away with nothing more than a knee injury after a giant tire exploded right in his face.


Pussy Riot's First Post-Prison Joint Interview Was An Awkward Disaster

By | 16 Comments

Please don't ask Pussy Riot about their lips or Beyoncé.


How Not To Move A Tank With A Crane


A group of Russians attempt to move a armored vehicle using a crane.


Here’s Chess Boxing, Quite Possibly The Most Russian Sport Of All

By | 16 Comments

Chess boxing, Russia's newest craze, combines the mental strategy of chess with the "getting punched in the face over and over" of boxing.


A KHL Team Is Using Naked Ladies (And Yakety Sax) To Sell Tickets

By | 14 Comments

A Russian KHL hockey team is using women in lingerie and a Benny Hill soundtrack to sell tickets. Watch in amusement as Russian prepare to masturbate.

Russian ‘Woodpecker’ Prank


In Russia, this prank is called "a woodpecker pecking a tree hole.


Russian Road Explodes


A dashboard camera captures a pipe bursting beneath a Russian road -- and a helpless car crashing into the resulting rubble.


Russian Workers Nearly Kill Woman While Cutting Down Tree


Russian city workers cut down a large tree near a sidewalk, nearly flattening an innocent woman in the process.

Jet engines!

Some Russians Crammed A Jet Turbine Into A Van, And Not Because They’re Crazy

By | 2 Comments

You know where a jet turbine doesn't belong? A van. Leave it to the Russians to cram one in there anyway.


Here’s the new trailer for Russia’s war action blockbuster ‘Stalingrad’

By | 53 Comments

While it doesn't have a release date set for the U.S., Russia's 3D IMAX action blockbuster Stalingrad has a trailer, and it looks awesome.


UFC’s Khabib Nurmagomedov Wrestled A Bear. When He Was 9.

By | 4 Comments

UFC standout Khabib Nurmagomedov wrestled a bear. When he was only 9-years old. Khabib, not the bear. Thank you for existing on VHS, video proof.


People Who Exercise Get To Ride The Subway Free In Russia. Thanks A Lot, Obama.

By | 10 Comments

in an attempt to "health up" cities before the Winter Olympics, Russian subway kiosks are awarding free tickets to passengers who can do 30 squats.

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