The Greatest Rust Cohle Impressionist Is Back With His Final ‘True Detective’ AT&T Parody

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The best Rust Cohle impressionist is back for his final go at our favorite 'True Detective' star. Kids, earmuffs.


The Most Spectacularly Spot-On Rust Cohle Impersonation Is Back With A New ‘True Detective’ AT&T Parody


Someone please get on a internet Rust Cohle Pepsi challenge between this guy and McConaughey stat.


Stop Sleeping In And Watch The Best Impersonation Of Rust Cohle From ‘True Detective’ You’ll See Today

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Have you ever wondered what 'True Detective's' Rust Cohle would look like as a Kindergarten teacher? No? Too bad. This is perfect.


This Couple’s Rust Cohle & Dora Lange Costume Won Mardi Gras

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Despite freezing temps and rain on Mardi Gras day the Greatest Freak Show on Earth carried on despite the less-than-ideal conditions, and this costume won the day.


A ‘True Detective’ Fan Penned A Pretty Terrific Review Of Lone Star On A Beer Website

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Solid work out of the "True Detective" fan who wrote a review of Lone Star in character as Rust Cohle.


'True Detective' Theory: Evidence Suggesting Rust Cohle's Fate In The Finale

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Will Rust Cohle die in the 'True Detective' season finale? Matthew McConaughey himself seems to hint as much, and The King In Yellow supports the outcome.


'True Detective' And The Rust Cohle Suicide Theory

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Will Rust Cohle kill himself at the end of 'True Detective'? There's some evidence to suggest that he may.


What If Rust Cohle Just Quoted Rap Lyrics?

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This is why you shouldn't binge watch shows at 3am.


Please Allow Rust Cohle’s Bleak, Dark, & Nihilistic Worldview To Prepare You For The Weekend

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Some men are darker, bleaker and more nihilistic than others. And then there's Rust Cohle.

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