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Ryan Gosling Is Done With Acting (For Awhile)

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This famous Canadian hunk got his first major gig on a well known TV show, before launching a successful film career, including a breakout role in an award-winning movie, and less-remembered musical side project.


Ryan Gosling Continues To Be The Greatest Person Alive

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KTLA entertainment reporter and voice modulation disorder survivor Sam Rubin was <a href="">recently offered the chance to interview Ryan Gosling</a>, because that’s what an entertainment reporter is paid to do, but he apparently didn’t want to fly from L.


With Leather's Watch This: The Perfect Shirt For The Casual NBA Fan

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I want to be very clear about something – I do not condone the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.


Drive: Starring Owen Wilson


What if Drive starred Owen Wilson instead of Ryan Gosling.


Honest Trailer: The Notebook


An <a href="">honest trailer</a> for the film that reminds you that you're both going to grow old and die.

arrested development

Here Are 25 Funny Pop Culture Valentines To Win Over The Most Discerning Of Paramours

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These 25 valentines celebrate the holiday as it should be celebrated, with TV and movie references and plenty of puns and sarcasm.


Ryan Gosling will take a hot cup of himself, please

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Ryan Gosling has always been a human cup of hot cocoa, so it only follows that his beautiful Baby Goose face would be the perfect adornment to a cocoa mug (much the same way Matthew McConaughey should be on tubes of KY).


Alison’s Stevenson’s Movie Pitches, Volume 1

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Movie Ideas For Hollywood To Make Movies With As you might already know, I drink a lot of alcohol and have a lot of brilliant ideas while doing so.


Are You Distinctively Ugly? Willing To Go To Detroit? Ryan Gosling Wants You For ‘How To Catch A Monster’

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OK, so the Detroit thing might be a dealbreaker, but 'How to Catch A Monster' looks pretty interesting beyond that.


Ryan Gosling Was Nearly A Member Of The Backstreet Boys


If only a phone call had been answered, Ryan Gosling would have been in the Backstreet Boys.


Anna Kendrick Tweets About Masturbating During A Gosling Movie, Is Still The Best At Social Media

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A month ago I urged everyone and their sister to develop a crush on my girl Anna Kendrick. Now I'm back with a reminder.

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Gangster Squad Review: M'Yeah, see, don't think too hard, see!

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The opening title card of Gangster Squad says "inspired by a true story," which is pretty funny, considering the movie immediately following it is Sin City meets Young Guns in the form of a Jimmy Cagney parody.

jimmy kimmel

Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling Sell Knives At 11:30. Everybody Knows That.


This surprise bit on Kimmel last night was really rather unremarkable but between the headline and an image I couldn't resist.

jimmy kimmel

"Knife Guys" With Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling


Jimmy Kimmel forgot to check the studio for availability when he changed time slots, creating a conflict with Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling's QVC show.


James Franco & Ashley Benson dicknose Justin Bieber & Morning Links

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Here's James Franco lip-synching to a Justin Bieber song with Ashley Benson (yowza.


C-Tates is indeed People’s Sexiest, but Huggalos are pissed

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Burnsy already broke the news <a href="" target="_blank">yesterday</a> accompanied by <a href="" target="_blank">this glorious Photoshop</a>, but in case you didn't trust an early exclusive from a site called "gossipcop," rest easy as it has been confirmed, Channing Tatum has been named <a href=",,20315920_20647632,00.html#1114sf" target="_blank">People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive</a>.


Because It’s Baby Goose’s Birthday: Ryan Gosling’s Most Internet-Baitable Moments


In case your calendar isn't marked for Canadian national holidays today is Baby Goose's 32nd birthday.


Ryan Gosling And Michael Fassbender Visited A School For The Deaf

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Terrence Malick’s untitled project has been causing quite a stir in Texas, where it is being filmed, as stars Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender <a href="">already showed up at a recent Texas Longhorns game</a>, inducing one of the world’s largest collective orgasms on record.


Here’s 12-year-old Ryan Gosling on a Canadian morning show

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In a lot of ways, Baby Goose had a typical Canadian childhood - <a href="" target="_blank">banging dead cats against trees,</a> being super polite to everyone, and gathering moose semen to warm his family's cabin during long winters.


Rooney Mara Jammed With The Black Lips For Terrence Malick’s Next Movie, With Baby Goose Looking On


Baby Goose, Bale, Fassbender, Malick, Mara, AND the Black Lips?!? This is going to be a very good movie.

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