Here’s A Gallery Of Really Sad Pirates Fans


Everyone in Pittsburgh is sad today, especially these people.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Germany Whooped The Hell Out Of Brazil And The Internet Had A Spectacular Time

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As Germany got out to a 5-0 lead early in its World Cup semifinal match against Brazil, fans on Twitter started with jokes and photoshops.


Here’s Every Shocked, Disappointed Face From The Ending To Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar

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The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match surprised a lot of people at WrestleMania 30. Here are pictures of all of them.


Groupon Sports Deal Of The Week: Miami Marlins Opening Day Tickets For $13

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The Miami Marlins aren't wasting any time in letting their fans down, as the team has already posted Opening Day tickets on Groupon.


Here’s ‘A Very Angry Browns Christmas’ To Help The NFL’s Most Punished Fans


Angry Browns Fan is back with 'A Very Angry Browns Christmas' to help the NFL's most tortured fans smile in this holiday season.


A Drunk Driver Told The Cops That The Michigan Wolverines Made Him Do It


A Michigan Wolverines fan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and he told the cops that it was all Al Borges' and the offense's fault.


On Richie Incognito And Understanding The Humiliation Of Miami Dolphins Fans

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As the Miami Dolphins are embarrassed by this Richie Incognito, here's a fan perspective on what it's like to deal with chaos season after season.


This Fan Tells Us All We Need To Know About The Philadelphia Flyers Right Now

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One Philadelphia Flyers fan combined Halloween and the fan base's current mood with her costume at last night's loss to the Anaheim Ducks.


Things Are Going Great For The Marlins

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With Day 1 of the 6,456 day baseball season approaching quickly, young players are busting their asses to try to make opening day rosters, while the savvy veterans are trying just hard enough to make sure they don’t split their pants on routine fly balls.


‘Cubs Facebook’ Is The Hot New Twitter Account That Celebrates Outraged Cubs Fans

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Last year, an enterprising Chicago Cubs fan started a new Twitter account to honor the audacity of St.


Miami Marlins Fans Near Riot As Single Game Tickets Go On Sale

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The Miami Marlins invited their fans to their special Winter Warm-Up event on Saturday, presumably with cards that read, “Giancarlo Stanton may hate us, but he’s still here”, and it went about as well as you’d expect.


Even Buffalo’s Streakers Are Terrible

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Here's a clip of the Bills Seahawks streaker, and lord, he's got to be the worst streaker I've ever seen.


Gary Bettman Thinks NHL Players Are Stupid

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Earlier this week, the NHL and NHL Players Association met with mediators to see if wasting more money could help put an end to this NHL lockout, and how did it turn out.


These Texas Longhorns Fans Have Given Us A Photo To Be Quite Thankful For

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Lost in all the excitement of yesterday’s Thanksgiving NFL action that featured an overtime caused by a clusterf*ck and the New England Patriots reinforcing their pro-bullying agenda was the day’s lone college action between the No.


And Now A Touching Tribute To The Real Victims Of The NHL Lockout

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One of the biggest lessons that we learned as fans during last year’s NFL and NBA lockouts, as well as this year’s NFL referee lockout and now the NHL lockout, is that we don’t matter worth a squat.


Faces Of Misery: Tennessee Still Can't Beat The Florida Gators

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Saturday’s college football action presumably left very few people wanting more, because I can’t remember a day that was filled with so many exciting games and delightful upsets.


Tiziano Crudeli Is Going To Kill Himself Because Of What's Happening In Soccer


This is basically what I look like when I'm watching 'The Wire'.


Sad Dude Bro Knicks Fan Is Sad, Dude Bro

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Yesterday had its fair share of fantastic NBA action, but the spotlight belongs only to the day’s big market matchups between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers (meh, Lakers won, but I expected more) and especially the slugfest between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics.

#Chris Paul

The Greatest Plea To Dwight Howard Ever

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With Chris Paul now semi-happily shipped out to Los Angeles, the pressure is on for the Lakers to make a big splash and keep up with their fundamentally disabled little brother, the Clippers, who just received the equivalent of a miraculous stem cell therapy.

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