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After 80 Years, Newsweek’s Troll-y Print Edition Is Dead


Newsweek announced this morning that their December 31st issue of the 80-year-old periodical will be their final print edition.


Digg Founder Kevin Rose Really Munsoned His Reddit AMA

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Shockingly, Digg founder Kevin Rose does not seem to understand how an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit works, proceeds to Munson it.


Digg Shames Myspace By Dropping 99.75% In Value

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Remember when Google offered to buy Digg for $200 million a couple of years ago and Digg turned them down? Guess what Digg sold for today.

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11 Minutes Of “Dead Island” Footage Left My Excitement For Dead

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Did you love the heartrending <a href="../2011/02/dead-island-looks-awesome">first trailer</a> and the <a href="../2011/05/dead-islands-tragedy-hits-paradise-trailer-arrives">"Tragedy Hits Paradise"</a> teaser for Dead Island.

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