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Man, The Xbox One In Japan Is Just… Sad

By | 19 Comments

The Xbox One has gone from joke to utter failure in Japan in the space of, uh, three weeks. Ouch.

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Xbox One Sales Are Better Without Kinect, Too

By | 22 Comments

The Kinect appears to have been holding the Xbox One back to a surprising degree.


‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Officially Has A Breakout Star, Even Before It Comes Out

By | 11 Comments

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' won't hit theaters for another month or so, but we're already seeing the effects of a marketing budget.


Google Is Selling Off Motorola Mobility For Cheap


Motorola Mobility is off to Lenovo for a song... but Google got what it wanted out of the company.

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GameStop: People Are Buying New Consoles… But Not Games

By | 12 Comments

GameStop had a good year... but it wasn't because they sold any games.


Amazon And Steam Both Want All Your Video Game Money This Week

By | 5 Comments

Video game sales are a seasonal tradition. But this time Steam and Amazon are really going at it.

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Did ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Herald The Franchise’s Decline?

By | 20 Comments

'Call of Duty' has been a durable, best-selling game franchise. But this year has seen a huge drop in sales.

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Atlus Could Become A Sega Company

By | 4 Comments

Atlus could be joining Sega's dysfunctional family thanks to improprieties on the part of its corporate parent.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Fastest-Selling Game On The PS3

By | 32 Comments

'The Last of Us' might be Naughty Dog's best-selling game.


The iPad Mini Is Apparently Crushing the iPad Itself

By | 11 Comments

Apple won't release the sales numbers, but everybody else is saying the iPad Mini is mega.


Quality Talks, And Three Other Reasons Comic Book Sales Are Up

By | 10 Comments

2012 turns out to have been a good year for comics. But why are sales up?

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‘Resident Evil 6′ Did Not Sell Many Games Past Its First Week

By | 18 Comments

'Resident Evil 6' sold 4.5 million copies its first week... and apparently, not a single one since.

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Five Cyber Monday Gaming Deals Worth Downloading

By | 5 Comments

Cyber Monday is upon us: Here are five video game to buy to celebrate.

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Lenovo Crushes HP In… Uh… Rapidly Shrinking PC Market


Turns out the PC isn't quite as popular now that tablets are out there.


Holy Crap, People Are Actually Buying Comic Books Again

By | 2 Comments

Maybe there's some life in the old medium yet before it collapses in a webcomic wheeze.

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The XBox 360 Was The Bestselling Console of 2011?


This chart is from Gamasutra, who crunched the numbers and found, well, this.


Is Marvel Up the Creek in 2012?

By | 9 Comments

Diamond has put out its year-end sales lists, and we've gleaned a few insights.


No, Black Ops is Not Bigger Than Avatar

By | 7 Comments

You know, one of these days, I'll understand why game companies and game journalists insist on making retarded comparisons to the film industry.


Save 35% With New Era’s Friends & Family Event


Hey, just because I'm not in the market for any hats doesn't mean I'm not going to pass along sales tips when I see them.

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