The Celtics Will Add A Veteran, And 4 Other Things That Will Happen Before The Deadline

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With the NBA All-Star Weekend around the corner, and the NBA Trade Deadline right after that, there's definitely going to be some things happening in the League.


Looks like a job for…

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Sam Cassell can stay, but if Flip Saunders is going to turn these Wizards around, he needs to clean house with the rest of his assistants and bring in the likes of Coach Carter, Joe Clark from Lean on Me, Gene Hackman, Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka.


Amar’e is staying in Phoenix, and Paul Pierce is talking s***

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At least for now, Amar'e Stoudemire isn't going anywhere.


Party like it’s 1985

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As championship parades go, the Lakers managed to throw a pretty good party yesterday.


The Goodman League Kicks Off For ’09

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The last time we saw Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls, he was heckling President Obama.

Vernon Maxwell

NBA Fantasy Finals: 2003 Nets vs. 1995 Rockets

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To clarify: Our NBA Fantasy Finals have nothing to do with the stat-driven "fantasy basketball" you play online.

Tom Chambers

NBA Fantasy Finals: 2008 Celtics vs. 1993 Suns

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To clarify: Our NBA Fantasy Finals have nothing to do with the stat-driven "fantasy basketball" you play online.


Nuggets even the series; a (maybe) Hall of Famer calls it quits

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The role players giveth, and the role players taketh away.



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One of my personal tenets about sports is that if a guy ever gets worked up about how a guy looks, he needs to step away from the TV and start looking for online courses in interior design, hair design, or.



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I guess Canadia doesn't have the whole speedy trial thing we strive for here in the U S of A, because former Bucks teammates Gary Payton, Sam Cassell, and Jason Caffey have been "cleared of assaulting a male exotic dancer and his stripper fiancée during an ugly confrontation outside a downtown Toronto strip club" in 2003.



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How exactly 37-year-old Sam Cassell can score 35 points in an NBA game is kind of a mystery, but he did it anyway, hitting two late free throws to cap his performance and lead the Clips to a 96-95 win over the Nuggets.

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