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Everything’s Comin’ Up Gad: Josh Gad To Play Sam Kinison In ‘Kinison’

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The upcoming biopic Kinison will tell the story of standup legend Sam Kinison’s early days as a comic and his transition from Pentecostal preacher to vulgar loudmouth.

sam kinison

Ron Jeremy Plays Musical Instruments And Speaks To The Congregation Of A Christian Church. Wait, WHAT?

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Ron Jeremy gave his testimony to the congregation of a Christian church in Michigan. The news outlet reporting this: WOOD TV. I am dead serious.


Sam Kinison Biopic from the Guys Who Brought You Evan Almighty, xXx

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A Sam Kinison biopic has been in development for long time, and HBO Films is developing a biopic of the outrageous comic with Tom Shadyac attached to direct and Rich Wilkes writing.



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UPDATE 12:45 pm: A helpful tipster helpfully emailed me this video, which is supposedly Fogler's screen test as Kinison.

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