Tom Morello Thinks The Cubs Suck And Would Like To Play Shortstop

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Chicago Cubs fan Tom Morello could care less about the team's relationship with Sammy Sosa, because they are at 106 years and counting.


Worse Presidential Candidate: Sammy Sosa Or Wilmer Valderrama?

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Last we checked in on former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa, he allowed me to absolutely, 100% legitimately spend two days with him and his new public relations team, as they are trying to attempt to rebuild his image with the hopes of getting him back into the good graces of the incredibly evil Baseball Writers Association of America.


A Behind The Scenes Look At Sammy Sosa's New Social Media PR Rehab Experiment

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By now, you’ve surely seen the glory that is former MLB slugger Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page, which was unveiled by Deadspin yesterday and quickly pinned on every blog and Tumblr across the Interwebs.


Forgive Or Forget: Will You Still Care About The NBA?

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When baseball players went on strike back in 1994, suffice it to say I didn't take it very well.


9.1 The Cooler

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Catya Washington Michelle Obama Covers Essence Magazine [Miss Jia] Chad Ochocinco Has Unnecessary Aquariums in His House [LBS] The 50 Greatest Running Shoes of All Time [Complex] Is Lindsay Lohan Trying to Hook Up with Chris Brown.


The Terrific Adventures Of White Sammy Sosa

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Forgive the grainy nature of the photo -- it's courtesy of TMZ, so I'm lucky there isn't a huge T over Sammy Sosa's face.


Miami Beach Just Lost Another White Guy

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Sammy Sosa's Whiteface Period is, sadly, over.

#LeBron James

NBA Trade Rumors Everywhere: Updates on Amar’e, Jamison, Camby, the Blazers, and more

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With a day off in between the All-Star Game and the continuation of the NBA schedule, Monday was a time for trades, post-trade fallout, and trade rumors.


Charles Barkley On The Jay Leno Show

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Always good for some soundbites, Charles Barkley was on last night's Jay Leno Show, going in on his boy Sammy Sosa.



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Somebody tried to crash Sammy Sosa's birthday party wearing brown face paint.


Super Smash Brothers

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You know you pulled off an incredible dunk when your team doesn't even win the game, you lost to a team that features arguably the best/most famous (active) basketball player in the world and one of the two other most famous players in the world, the dunk itself happened way back in the first quarter of an East Coast tip-off, and it's STILL the first everybody is talking about around the water cooler.



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Noted "comedian" George Lopez has a new talk show now, proving that one doesn't have to be funny or a comedian to get a talk show these days.


11.12 The Cooler

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Beauty Monrose Could Get It The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs In America [24/7 Wall St.] What Were Black People Talking About on Twitter Last Night.


The Light-Skinned Sammy Sosa

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This is Sammy Sosa (pictured with his wife Sonia) on November 4, 2009 @ some event offering a person of the year and the photo is making the rounds today.



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You're not gonna believe this, but Sammy Sosa tested positive for the juicy juice.



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Signed to a minor-league contract, Sammy Sosa -- who, despite hitting 588 roidacious home runs in his career, washed out with the Orioles in 2005 and didn't play last year -- is in camp with the Texas Rangers in Arizona, and he's tempering his expectations:"Why would I come back for 12 more home runs.

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