New Technology Makes It Possible To See Through A Semi Truck


Samsung has come up with a system to make seeing around a big truck on a small road more easy.

2015 NBA All Star

10 Off-Court Things To Like About The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend

The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone. While not definitive, we put together some of our favorite observations from the weekend.


Good News! Your Samsung TV Is Probably Spying On You For Third Parties.


With smart homes and smart products entering your daily lives, how much should you worry about the data they're collecting on you?

flatscreen TVs

Vizio Is Offering ‘Anti-Curve Glasses’ As A Solution To Those Silly Curved TVs In This New ‘Infomercial’


In their new ad, Vizio takes aim at the curved TV trend promoted by both Samsung and LG by offering Anti Curve Glasses and a seating chart.


The 2014 Dime Holiday Gift Guide Has Everything

It's the last weekend before Christmas next week, and Hanukkah this year started earlier in the week and runs until Christmas Eve.


Samsung Trolls Apple With A Robot Butt Cell Phone Bendability Test

Samsung has released a new video to tweak Apple's bendability concerns, but they may have their own problems on the way.


SHOTS FIRED: Samsung Just Tweeted A Brutal Jab At Apple’s Bendy iPhone 6 Plus


Samsung took a brutal Twitter jab at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, which has a tendency to bend easily.


Watch Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard’s Charming, Captivating, Incredibly Sweet Samsung Commercial


The world's cutest celebrity couple show us what it's like to hang out at home.

iphone 6

Samsung Is In On The Apple Jokes With These New ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius’ Ads


In six new YouTube clips, Samsung takes shots at Apple's latest product announcements by calling them unoriginal.

united states

No One Told Samsung That Landon Donovan Isn’t In The World Cup


At least this isn't as bad as when they wished George Gervin and the Spurs good luck against Harold Miner and the Heat.

#LeBron James

New LeBron Commercial Introduces The Samsung “LeBron” App

Every season, LeBron shuts his social media game down to tune up for the playoffs.

#LeBron James

We Downloaded LeBron’s App, So You Don’t Have To


LeBron James and Samsung have finally captured what it's like to be stuck in an elevator with a person who constantly overshares.

#LeBron James

Go Behind The Scenes Of LeBron’s Life With New Samsung App

Today, Samsung Mobile US released "LeBron", a new app designed to let fans into the home life and workouts of the greatest basketball player on the planet.

Style Kicks and Gear

New Samsung Experience Game Time App Is Perfect For The NBA Playoffs

The 2014 NBA Playoffs are upon us, but we don't all have time to get in front of a television set to check out all the heart-stopping action.


The White House Is Banning Obama Selfies. Thanks, David Ortiz & Samsung!


The dumbest "scandal" of the year just got dumber, as the White House might ban selfies.


The White House Is Not Cool With David Ortiz’s Selfie Being Used By Samsung

After Samsung took credit for the selfie David Ortiz took with President Obama, the White House legal counsel took matters into its own hands.


Apple Lags Sony, Microsoft, And Samsung In One Key Area


Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung lead Apple in one key area in a recent survey that will surprise you.


CES 2014: What You Need To Know, So Far


CES 2014 is in full swing... and, as usual, there's cool tech, weird tech, and staggering dumb tech. Here's the best of what we've seen so far.


Watch As Michael Bay Bails Midsentence In Awkward CES Press Conference (UPDATE)


Michael Bay just awkwardly bailed in the middle of a live presentation at CES. Watch the video here.

Tech News

The Only Thing Bigger Than Samsung’s Fantastic New 110″ Ultra HD TV Is Its Price Tag


So you thought you were the man with your new 85" TV you got for Christmas?

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