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Actor In Terribly Acted Samsung Commercial Defends His Terrible Acting

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This Samsung ad is perhaps the worst acted thing since The Room. And that's just how Koreans like their acting, apparently.

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Consumer Advocacy Group Takes Aim At Jay-Z, Samsung Over App’s Privacy Violations

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It looks like Killer Mike had it <a href="">on the money with his skepticism</a> about installing the Jay-Z Magna Carta app on his Samsung phone.

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The Devil & Mr. Carter: Can Jay-Z Sell His Soul And Keep His Artistic Integrity?

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A couple of weeks ago <a href="">a commercial for Samsung mobile phones</a> aired in the middle of the NBA finals.

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Jay-Z Announces New Album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ In Samsung Commercial

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In case you weren't watching the NBA Finals, Jay-Z rolled out his first execution with Samsung in a major way.


Meeting Rob Thomas And Other Highlights From Samsung’s Hope For Children Benefit Gala

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Last night during Samsung's Hope for Children Benefit Gala, $1.5 million was raised and I got to meet my Rob Thomas.

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Jay-Z Reportedly Set To Ink A $20 Million Deal With Samsung

By | 14 Comments

<a href=""></a>Photo: <a href="">Beyonce</a> The Carter household could be getting a few more millions richer very soon.

Watch People Hilariously Lose A Staring Contest For A Samsung Galaxy S4

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Earning a Galaxy S4 is a lot harder than it looks. BA-DUM-TISH!


Like Apple, Samsung Is Also Developing A ‘Smartwatch’

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Seeing as how Samsung mimics everything Apple does or is even rumored to be doing, I guess it's no surprise that it's developing a smartwatch of its own.


The Samsung Galaxy S IV: Conventional Yet Weird

By | 7 Comments

Samsung has debuted the Galaxy S IV, and it's full of solid features... as well as odd stuff you'll maybe use once.


Rumor: Apple And Samsung Both Introducing Phones That Will Charge Wirelessly In 2013

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Apple and Samsung are rumored to be introducing phones with wireless charging this year. No love for charging with Tesla coils?


El Plato Supreme (Samsung Super Bowl Commercial)


Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk try to work around some legal restrictions.


Samsung To Introduce New Phone OS Called Tizen Later This Year

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Samsung wants to bring a new, Linux-based phone OS to market! Yay! So carriers can stuff it full of bloatware! BOOOOOO!

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The 10 Best Questions And Theories About The Samsung Galaxy ‘Sex Tape’ Commercial

By | 57 Comments

A collection of amusing YouTube questions and theories about the now infamous Samsung Galaxy video swap commercial.


iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Which Blends Better?


You probably shouldn't base your next phone purchase on this, but here's a blend-off between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


Apple Fanboys Predictably Flip Out Over Samsung Ad

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Once again, Apple fans demonstrate the kind of devotion and mindless ferocity cult leaders can only dream of.


Why The Apple/Samsung Judgement Actually Means Nothing

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Apple just beat Samsung. In round one of a fight that has a thousand rounds in a thousand rings.


Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Copycat Allegations


Conan: Samsung vigorously defends itself against Apple's absurd claims.

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Watch An Elephant Named Peter Operate A Smartphone Better Than Some Humans Can

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When I first read an email I received earlier about the video above -- which was made to promote the <a href="">Samsung Galaxy Note</a>, Samsung's smartphone/tablet hybrid -- I hesitated to watch it because so often these days attempts by advertisers to create "viral ads" fall flat or just plain suck.


10.31 The Cooler

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