Samuel Jackson On Bill Cosby: ‘I Wish He Would Say Something’

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"I make my judgment because I have a daughter, I have a wife I love and I have a lot of women in my life."


Yes, There Is A ‘Shaft’ Reboot In The Works

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Shaft is returning to the big screen thanks to New Line and John Davis.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Says That Marvel Has Figured Out Superhero Movies And DC Hasn’t

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He doesn't have all the answers, but Sam Jackson did weigh in a little bit on why Marvel is currently dominating the comic book movie game over DC.

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‘Destiny’ Is Vastly Improved When You Bring In Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson takes over for Peter Dinklage, and it fixes a lot of problems with the game's story.


Review: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Is Surprisingly Outstanding

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Despite your preconceived notions, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" is really great.

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How Many Marvel Films Is Samuel L. Jackson Signed Up To Make?

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Nick Fury may not be seen as much in the future as you hoped.

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‘LEGO Jurassic World’ Will Cover The Entire Jurassic Park Series. Here’s A First Teaser Trailer.

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Get ready for some Lego Chaos Theory, because Lego Jurassic World is covering all four movies.

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Would You Like To See Sixteen New Pictures From ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’?

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No? Well, we can still argue about the pronunciation of 'GIF' in the comments then.

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President Samuel L. Jackson Has Crash-Landed In Finland In ‘Big Game’

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'Big Game' looks batsh*t and Finnish and full of Samuel L. Jackson.

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‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Has A Trailer For The Trailer, Because Those Are A Thing Now

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Marvel released one of those dreaded "trailer for a trailer" videos, but it's about 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' so you know you'll watch it.


Relive All Of The Funniest News Bloopers Of 2014 With The Annual ‘Best Of’ Supercut

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Here are the best news bloopers of 2014, all collected in one easy to watch supercut.

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Petty Accepts Samuel L. Jackson’s Challenge With Powerful ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Video

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Nashville's Petty answers Samuel L. Jackson's challenge for entertainers to speak out against injustice.

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From ‘Goodfellas’ To ‘Django Unchained': The Many Impactful On-Screen Deaths Of Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson's list of on-screen deaths is surprisingly long, but many of them have carried a hefty impact.

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About The Time Samuel L. Jackson Took Martin Luther King, Sr. Hostage During A Protest

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Ironically, he also served as an usher at the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Samuel L. Jackson Is Urging Celebrities To Speak Out Against Police Violence With This Online Challenge

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The 'Django Unchained' actor hopes to start a movement similar to that of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


A New ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Trailer Reveals Superspies Fighting A Rage Virus

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It's superspies against rage viruses in the new trailer for 'Kingsman: The Secret Service.'


Samuel L. Jackson Went On A Twitter Rant For The Ages While Watching ‘Monday Night Football’

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Samuel L. Jackson went OFF on ESPN's Jon Gruden last night, calling him out for being a Aaron Rodgers slappie.


‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Debuts A New, Bond-Mocking Trailer


Colin Firth mocks modern Bond in this new trailer for what's essentially a Bond movie.

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Bryan Cranston Is Voicing The Children’s Audiobook ‘You Have To F*cking Eat’

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The 'Breaking Bad' star will try to fill Samuel L. Jackson's shoes in narrating the follow-up to Adam Mansbach's 'Go the F*ck to Sleep.'

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Did You See These Surprising Movie Cameos Coming?

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Count down 15 of the most surprising celebrity movie cameos, including that one in 'Interstellar.' Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

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